How To Play Unturned LAN Online Using Tunngle

Revisions: 7-12-14: Initial release. Hey guys, So recently there is a new hot to play game called Unturned, which is a mix of Mincraft, Rust, and DayZ. If you are curious on how to host and join a server, see the video below on how to do this using the Tunngle method. In the near […]

How To Play Battlefield 3 With PC or PS2 USB Controller

Revisions: 6-14-14: Initial release. Hey guys, Did you know that using Pinnacle Game Profiler that you can make your USB PC game controller or maybe your PS2 controller with a USB adapter work properly with Battlefield 3 for PC? No need to use x360ce control emulator! See the below tutorial on how this works, and […]

How To Play Street Fighter IV PC With PC or PS2 Controller Tutorial


  Revisions: 3-22-14: Initial release. Recently on my youtube channel, I uploaded a new video as proof showing you how you could play with one or two players locally using PS2 controllers on the PC to emulate the Xbox 360 game controller. Likewise, following my tutorial, you too can use your own PC gamepads to […]

[How To] Install CM 10.2 (Android 4.3.1) For the Nook Tablet


Revisions: 11-21-13: Initial release. Hey guys, if you are at this blog article, it is because you saw my Nook Tablet video that shows you how to create a bootable microSD card that has the CM 10.2 boot image. Let’s cut to the chase, and let’s get you the downloads that you guys need. Nook […]