How To Connect Two (2) PS3 Controllers to PC Using USB Cables!

How to Connect Two PS3 Controllers to PC

Revisions: 8-24-13: Initial release. Recently on my youtube channel (MoNeYinPHX), someone had asked me if they could use two PS3 controllers (on sale at Amazon) on their computer so they can play a game between siblings. The answer? Yes! I’ll show you a quick tutorial of how this is done: 1) Go to MotionInJoy website, […]

Best Gaming Monitor – BenQ or ASUS?

Is BenQ the Best Gaming Monitor?

Which model of BenQ and ASUS is the best monitor for gaming? Greetings, tech and gaming savvy readers alike and welcome to the first of many product reviews I will be doing in the near future! These new posts aim to help out the average gamer while also informing the more experienced and hardcore ones […]

3 Things You Need To Know About the Next Generation

3 Things You Need to Know About the Xbox One and PS4

Get Ready for the Next Gen – 3 Things You Need to Know About It The next generation and flurry of new consoles and advanced games is arriving at a rapid pace. We’re already seeing a lot of news about the Playstation 4 and the recently announced Xbox One. The Wii U is technically considered […]

Xbox 360 CE – Emulate Xbox 360 Controller on Windows!

XBOX 360 Controller Emulator

Revisions: 5-7-13: Initial release. 5-11-13:  Added link to Visual C++ 2012. Added Troubleshooting section. 5-16-13: Added Putting X360CE into Action Use X360CE to Emulate Xbox 360 Controller If you came to this page, you are probably here because of a game video tutorial that uses a PS2 controller to emulate the xbox 360 controller so […]

The New Razer’s Gaming Tablet

Razer Edge

Revisions: April 25, 2013 – Initial Release. The creators that brought up the Razer Blade have introduced their latest and newest product to the market, Razer Edge. Check out the world’s most powerful tablet, which is fully capable of playing PC games and is compatible with Windows 8, for those that have it installed.