How To Connect Two (2) PS3 Controllers to PC Using USB Cables!

How to Connect Two PS3 Controllers to PC

Revisions: 8-24-13: Initial release. Recently on my youtube channel (MoNeYinPHX), someone had asked me if they could use two PS3 controllers (on sale at Amazon) on their computer so they can play a game between siblings. The answer? Yes! I’ll show you a quick tutorial of how this is done: 1) Go to MotionInJoy website, […]

[How To] Play Dungeon Siege 2 LAN Online Tutorial (Easiest Method)

How to Play Dungeon Siege 2 LAN

Revision: 8-4-13: Initial release. For the longest time I was trying to figure out how to properly make Dungeon Siege 2 LAN work online properly. The problem is if you try to use Tunngle program, when you click on the Local Area Network button, it doesn’t let you do that. If you try to do […]

Elder Scrolls Anthology Review

Elder Scrolls Anthology Review

Overview of the Elder Scrolls Series as a Whole Bethesda recently put together a gaming bundle (a package, you might say) of every game in the Elder Scrolls, minus a couple. But even with the missing games, they still put every game in the Elder Scrolls series from Arena all the way to Skyrim. The […]