Mystery Block – The Return

MysteryBlock Returns

Hello everyone, and welcome to the return of

I’m toughtrasher, the owner of this blog and partner of VersatileNinja. I’ve come across some rough terrain and so lead to a shutdown of MysteryBlock a few months ago. I got extremely busy, at times to the point that working and sleeping were literally the only things I did.
It was all new to me and I had a much larger workload. I couldn’t handle it and frankly, I hardly ever had time for this blog.

Now I’ve got it all sorted it out. I feel like I can handle my time much more efficiently this time around and I find myself having a few hours of extra time at hand.

My wish is to use some of that time to Mystery Block again and have you readers enjoy the content that Versatile and I, along with other authors, write for you. I have a goal of keeping MB up and running for the longest time I can, bring valuable content, all the while having fun also.

I hope the blog returns to its greatness once again and the Underground readers, as well as other readers, become happy that is once again back on it’s feet.


John (aka toughtrasher).

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