MysteryBlock Gets an Interface Update – FastBlog Gets an Interface Update

April 28, 2013 – Initial Release.
April 28, 2013 – One Edit. See end of post.

Say goodbye to boring and bland, and say hello to sexy!

MysteryBlock has received a complete website interface overhaul. By interface overhaul, I mean the website design, the overall look of the blog, and the color schemes.

If you take a look at the picture (or just look around the blog), you’ll see what I mean here. Instead of the old-fashioned way of the slider at the top plus 5 of our latest blog posts, we’ve included a complete “blog-ready” interface.

This Tumblr-like theme feels much better, fits our blogs attitude, and just looks darn sexy.

Features of FastBlog on MysteryBlock

You might be thinking; psh, themes don’t have features.

Yes, they do. And that what makes them, especially this one, so cool for our blog. If you go to our homepage, you’ll see the basic blog structure, with posts along the left hand side (10 for each page) and a right-hand sidebar to easily navigate around the blog. Plus, you’ll the standard menu of categories that we write about at the top and our contact information in the footer.

The cool thing is, if you hover over any one blog post, neon-blue brackets light up from each corner of the post. That provides a ton of beauty :) Plus, the little icons to the right of each post indicate what kind of post it is. Usually, we’ll be doing “Aside” or “Standard” posts, which looks like a notepad or a document icon, respectively. These icons make it easy for you, our readers, to navigate around to see which posts you’d like to read more about. There are all sorts of different icons that we can use within each new post; Standard, Aside, Image, Audio, Video, Quote, and Link. These will make it easy for you to find what kind of media you’re looking for.

Along with the blue corners lighting up when you hover over a post, the blog icon also lights up, which is really neat. To actually read the post or go to the post link, simply click on the blog post’s title or the Read More tag at the bottom of the excerpt.

Other updates I’ve done previously, other than the FastBlog theme overhaul of MB, is removing the double comments section in the blog posts to only have the standard comment system. We don’t need two!

I’ve also made the current comment system allowed to have PG-13 posts. We may make that rating an R if you guys want.

MysteryBlock Feedback

If you ever feel like some changes aren’t what you want, let us know in the comments! We do listen to our audience and will consider your feedback. Positive feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks for reading, and hope you love our new sexy MysteryBlock!

MysteryBlock Post Edit


Sweet mama! This theme just gets better and better. I’ve just updated the widgets of the blog to include widgets that the FastBlog theme comes with.

Don’t like the theme? There’s a widget on our right sidebar, just above the Recent Comments widget, that allows you to change the color scheme to any combination that is available. There are a ton of color combos to list, so I suggest you try it right away! After picking a color scheme, it sticks to your computer. So every time you load, your selected color scheme will show up and you’ll surely be satisfied :)

Another widget we’ve included is the FastBlog Twitter Stream Widget. As we’ve mentioned before, MysteryBlock extended it’s reach and your ability to follow our activity by getting it’s own Twitter page. If you’d like to see the newest tweets in our stream, it’s right there under the meta login widget.

Just below that, another widget exists. It’s our FastBlog Social Media widget. There we’ve included icons that link to our Facebook page, our Twitter page, Veratile’s YT Channel, a link to the older blog The Underground, a link to an amazing Amazon technology store in case you ever want to buy technology on Amazon, and finally MysteryBlock’s RSS Feed.

I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. It’s quick and easy! Enjoy!

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