Site Reactivation

Dear loyal readers of Mysteryblock. Today, we have a special announcement: Mysteryblock will once again be revamped and be an active blog again! Posts will come in more frequently and we will do our best to provide the gaming information you need.


From the owner:

Hey everyone. It’s Brad, the initial founder of Mysteryblock back in 2013. I just wanted to create a small blurb in this post to apologize sincerely to those that have been loyal to the MB site for the last 3 (!) years. We have had some bumpy roads to get this blog updated. Our busy personal lives outside of the Internet did interfere a lot, but I have decided to continue what I started. I absolutely love owning this blog and communicating with all of you. I realized I worked way too hard to just let this dry up. Versatile has done an amazing job keeping content in while I worked on my own career, but I am back.

I just want to assure all of you that content will be back. There will be more frequent updates; I am thinking maybe once a week or two. At the very least, I want to get at least one blog post in every month. Regardless of the specific posting frequency, the point is that you all will receive more updates to the blog than year’s past.

With all that said, do email me if you have any specific updates you’d like to see. This can range from an entirely new theme (I will be changing our style in the coming weeks. I’d love to hear your feedback on this; what kind of look should we go for? What color scheme? Do you like the current theme?) to the kinds of posts you would like to see more of or even request us to write on a specific issue you are having. You all have a voice here, and trust me, we are listening. I feel Mysteryblock needs that reputation of listening to its readers, and I am the first step to that. I will personally read all your emails and response as quick as my schedule allows.

Again I want to apologize for leaving you all in the dark. Here is to a serious restart for a blog that has thrived because of all of you. I owe you one.


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