Taste of Revival

No picture for this post as it’s a fairly quick update.

I have so great news, at least for those who care. I have found an internet archive that has archived some of MysteryBlock’s old posts. They keep a version of old MB every time it got crawled by the search engines.

This means that not all the posts are destroyed or gone forever. So Versatile could re-post them and the hard work wouldn’t go to waste as initially thought.

Here is the archive: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.mysteryblock.com

You can click one of the dates on the calendars and it would take you to the version of MysteryBlock it was on that day and accordingly have the posts in that order. It’s a pretty ugly interface, but can easily be counteracted by just highlighting the text.

We’re making our way back to the better days so bear with us while we make your experience the best it can be. :)

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