Is The AMD A6 6400k Desktop Processor Right For You?

If you’re in the market for a new desktop processor, you should know that the AMD A6 6400k offers tons of advantages for a reasonable price. It’s a desktop processor that earns its satisfaction from most real-life customers. In fact, a lot of people buy it when they decide to build their very first computers.

Get Superb Performance for the Money

When you choose this processor, you would get adequate computing performance without needing to spend more on a separate graphics card unless you really need gaming performance, which at that point you would need to buy a more expensive CPU. If you’re in this situation, consider checking out our list for the best processors manufactured by AMD here. This processor provides great performance and is a lot cheaper than similar products from other manufacturers.

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Our AMD A6 6400k review is designed to help you learn all of the facts about this popular and practical computer component.

The overall build design is appropriate for anyone who wants to make their own gaming PC without needing to spend more than five hundred dollars. It’s nice that there is a chip like this to cater to the is more budget-oriented crowd. Some people just don’t have a lot of money to sink into their computers. This CPU is designed to meet the needs of these types of consumers.

AMD A6-6400K Specifications

The AMD A6 6400k processor has a dual-core A6 Series APU. Its socket is the FM2 type and the processor features draws in around 65 watts of power, useful information to know for compatibility with your current motherboard. Clock speed comes in at 3.9 Ghz.

In our opinion, this is a great chip for the price. While it may not be right for those who prefer to run everything at higher settings, it’s certainly ideal for light gaming action. If you pair it with a decent graphics card, it will offer better gaming performance for a reasonable price. Despite this, we still recommend purchasing a more expensive CPU to pair with a video card if you’re into gaming. The A6-6400k combined with something moderate like a GTX 760 will still only be able to play games released 2012 and later (rough estimate based on testing).

Pros and Cons

This CPU uses a typical motherboard (FM2 socket). This is good news, as it means that you’ll be able to build your computer with a cheap processor that doesn’t bust your budget and then upgrade later on if you feel like it. If you do want to change the CPU later, you won’t need to invest in any components beyond the new CPU.

If you chose another CPU for your initial build, like a “system on a chip” design (soldered permanently to your motherboard), you would need to buy a new motherboard before upgrading.

You should be aware that the AMD A6 6400k doesn’t have sufficient power to run new games with higher resolution or high image quality settings. However, it’s great for running games that are a bit older, at great frame rates. If you’re a casual type of gamer and you want to play older games, without needing to sink a lot of cash into a gaming system, then this chip will be an excellent investment. You just need to understand its limitations going in.

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This chip works especially well for web browsing, casual gaming and other light work. If you need to do things that are intensive, you may want to consider another, perhaps more expensive model.

Overall, this chip has a lot more pros than cons. Most people that buy it understand in advance what it can and can’t do. They use it for web browsing, Netflix and lighter gaming, and they are very pleased with its performance in that regard. It makes for a great CPU for a work/school-type desktop. A lot of processors are a bit overpriced, but this one is an exception. While prices will vary based on where you buy, you’ll find that this processor typically does not cost a lot of money. It’s a budget component.

When you install it, you should anticipate being able to run it at around 3.9 GHZ without needing to tweak the board or boost voltages within auto mode. It’s a smooth-running chip and it doesn’t have many performance drawbacks.

If reliability is important to you, you’ll appreciate the AMD A6 6400K desktop processor. A lot pf customers that bought this chip are thrilled with its overall dependability.

Another interesting “pro” of this design is that it features an unlocked base clock multiplier. This is an impressive feature, as it offers users the option of setting multiplier values that are higher than the shipped values. This makes it easy to overclock and get pleasing results.

Is This Chip A Good Buy?

If you do want lighter performance and you’re on a budget, the AMD A6 6400k will be a smart purchase. Its AMD socket FM2, dual-core chip, and 3.9 Ghz base clock rate provide terrific performance, just right for the casual gamer, web surfer and video streaming fan.

Hopefully, this detailed A6 6400K review has given you the inside scoop on this happily affordable and practical CPU. We believe that it’s a fine choice for those that want to build computers without needing to spend a lot of money. It gets wonderful reviews from most real-life buyers and these good reviews mean a lot.

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On top of that, it comes from a trusted manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation, so you’ll find that investing in this processor for a desktop computer is an investment in top quality. We also love the dependability of this little budget chip.

It’s pretty easy to buy this desktop CPU online, at larger and smaller online retailers. We believe that pricing it across a variety of retailers will help you get the best price. Since it offers just as much as a lot of comparable chips, for much less money, it is a CPU that definitely belongs on your short list of processor options!


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