AMD is a technology based company that has been producing high quality computing products since the major computer boom in the early 1990s. They have developed quite a reputation throughout the IT world for delivering some of the best products in the industry and, as any AMD FX-9370 review will tell you, that is no different with this product.

— Note: The AMD FX-9370 was once part of our list for best AMD processors. The guide has since been updated, but the 9370 is still a solid CPU. Check out that post here

Basics of the AMD FX-9370 CPU

Just to cover a few basics, the FX-9370 model has a base frequency of 4.4 GHz while the overdrive frequency is an astonishing 4.7 GHz. The product has eight cores that make it great for multitasking and rendering while the overclocking abilities are a computer builder’s dream. The processor also has a socket type of AM3+ and a power wattage of 220W.

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AMD FX-9370 Review


Impressively enough, this AMD FX-9370 processor actually has the ability to deliver faster processing speeds than Intel’s i7 4770K (which, it should be noted, is a couple hundred dollars more). If you’re looking strictly at the value, any review will tell you that this is clearly one of the best processors on the market for the performance that it delivers when compared to the price.

FX 9370 Processor Review
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The speed this processor comes with is simply astonishing for the price. Right around the $250-$400 range at most sites, you simply can’t beat what this processor has to offer as far as speed and performance.

Many users actually use this as a processor for their gaming computers, as it has all of the capabilities to produce a top notch gaming system. Potential customers of the AMD FX9370  should, however, be aware that the motherboard needs to be able to support the 220+ volts that this processor puts out. Not having the proper support can lead to issues with freezing up and can also increase the already rampant problems with overheating.

Overall, the performance level is comparable to many of the top brands in the industry. Gamers will be thoroughly satisfied with its capabilities so long as they purchase the proper motherboard and cooling fan to go with it.

Concerns and Downfalls

One of the major concerns that should be pointed out in any cpu review is just how hot these things can get. Although AMD warns their customers of the heat that these processors put out, it still comes as a shock to many people once they actually start using the product. An AMD FX-9370 review would not be complete without warning customers of the importance of having a proper cooling fan to go with this processor. I advise not going for a cheaper-made fan to save some money, as a cooling fan goes a long way in terms of longevity of AMD FX 9370your entire gaming rig.

FX-9370 Review: Final Word

Fortunately, it does seem as if the overheating concerns are the only real downfall of this processor. As my AMD FX-9370 review has mentioned, the performance level puts it on a pedestal that is at least comparable to the best of what Intel has to offer while AMD offers it as a much lower price. The value offered by AMD with this CPU model makes it the perfect fit for customers that are looking for solid performance yet don’t want to pay the extra hundreds of dollars that major brands like Intel want for their processors.

Overall: 7.9/10

Need more information to compare the FX-9370 with? Either check Amazon’s product page here, or take a look at this CPU comparison chart below. We’ve also done a helpful side-by-side look on the FX-8350 vs FX-8300. Read on that to understand more about AMD’s FX series processors and how they relate to one another.

FX-9370 Processor Comparison Table
A handy technical comparison between some of AMD’s finest processors

  • 7/10
    Features - 7/10
  • 8.8/10
    Functionality - 8.75/10
  • 7/10
    Design - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Value - 9/10


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