Farewell, Anthem. We Hardly Knew Ya

Farewell, Anthem. We Hardly Knew Ya.

BioWare announced today that further development on Anthem, also known as Anthem NEXT, has been canceled.  The long-awaited update / reboot to the game will never...

Gearbox Software purchased for $1.3 Billion

Gearbox Software, developers of the Borderlands franchise and publisher to recent PS5 console exclusive Godfall has been purchased by Embracer Group. Formerly known as...
Game Pass Hits 18 Million

Xbox Game Pass Surpasses 18 Million Subscribers

Despite the recent backlash over Xbox Live Gold price increases, Microsoft continues to grow in Xbox Game Pass subscribers and today announced a new...
Microsoft Reverses Price Increase

Microsoft Reverses Xbox Live Gold Price Increase

On Friday, we reported on Microsoft’s plans to increase Xbox Live Gold pricing. A decision immediately met with community backlash. Many criticized the impact...
Xbox Live Gold Price

Xbox Live Gold Increases In Price

This morning, Microsoft announced that it will be increasing the price of Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live has already seen an increase from $4.99...

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