Buying computer gaming chairs should not be as difficult a process as many gamers make it out to be. It is simple: you need a chair that is comfortable to be in while also being ergonomically healthy for your body as you sit for hours playing video games. But gaming is expensive enough, so you probably would prefer a chair that does not necessarily break the bank for you. This list was carefully put together over weeks of research to suit virtually anyone out there looking to play on a comfy gaming chair. In it, you will find chairs in different budgets, hopefully one that will suit you. One quick note prior to starting: I have personally tested each of the seats below for at least one full week (enough for several gaming sessions) and documented my thoughts before writing this post. Some chairs I actually bought, but some I was only able to either trial with permission from the manufacturer or purchase and then sell.

Click the navigation links below to find a budget that fits and check our selections for chairs within those price ranges. We have also organized the chairs so they fit both console and PC users. Chairs designed exclusively for one or the other will be marked accordingly in the list.

  1. Gaming Chairs Under $50
  2. Gaming Chairs Under $100
  3. Gaming Chairs Under $200
  4. High-end Gaming Chairs, No Budget

    video game rocker chair example
    What a typical rocker chair looks like

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Gaming Chairs Under $50

There is no hiding the fact that with only a $50 budget, the best gaming chair you can find will be a “rocker”, a very casual seat designed to ease your back as you play games. These are placed on the ground but they are surprisingly sturdy and comfortable to play in. While not a professional chair, they are perfect for those that just want a simple, comfy seat that is good for playing games for fun or relaxing while watching movies on the big screen. With that said, they are obviously not fit for PC users, unless your desktop is hooked to a television screen that does not require a desk.

X Rocker Seat for Gaming


X Rocker is a trustworthy brand when it comes to gaming rocker seats. They do have more expensive options that aim for better comfort, but for the sake of sticking to our $50 budget, this particular seat is still decent. There is enough padding for your back muscles to relax while watching or playing for hours, while also building on a very solid base, good enough to hold heavier weights.

While this particular rocker does not have reviews (as of writing), this similar Cohesion XP one does. The design is alike but it has many more reviews than the X Rocker does.

Basic Office Chair

For PC gamers or those not interested in rockers, a basic office chair under this budget should also work. A gaming chair is not absolutely necessary unless you have already tried office chairs and your back still hurts after hours of playing.

This highly rated one from Amazon (4/5 stars based on 130+ reviews) has a tall back section, with increased mid-back support to allow you to lean forward without straining yourself. I found it worthy for what I paid for it and was a decent chair that let me play games without much discomfort.

Gaming Chairs Under $100

Getting into a budget of more than $50 allows you to buy chairs that are designed for gaming on a desk, unlike rocker seats. These are still fairly low-end and there are better options for comfort and features, but they are very good for starting out. There aren’t many well-known brand names like Arozzi or DXRacer in this price range, but these products have shown reliability and tough exteriors to withstand long periods of usage.

Bellezza Swivel Gaming Chair


Belezza gaming office seat

Bellezza’s entry-level seat retails for just over $100, but they are discounted quite often, not just with online retailers but in brick and mortar stores that have them in stock as well. I paid full price to keep this chair in my gaming room and have good things to say about it. Since then, I have replaced the chair with two new ones but the time I had with it (roughly 3-4 months in use) was a pleasure. I especially enjoyed the rather firm padding around the back area, keeping my back straight while I played rather than encouraging me to slouch like other chairs.

The cushioning for my elbows to rest was also appreciated. Perhaps the most important factor in buying the chair after having it recommended to me was the price point. With my experience with all types of seating furniture designed for gaming, I would not pay more than $200 for this Bellezza. However, with only a retail of around $110, I think it is definitely worth it. The Bellezza lasts a while, gives comfort, and also encourages healthy posture.

Yaheetech Racer Style Gaming Chair



I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of the Yaheetech before it officially launched on Amazon (since then, it was the recipient of the #1 New Release in Indoor Furniture). I did not get to keep it of course, only trialing it out for roughly two weeks, but in that time period I was able to make out many things.

The first of those being that for a simple, bare chair compared to the more pricey ones, it made the most of the materials on it, from the squishy neck-rest area to the nylon arm-rests. I noticed higher quality particularly with the mesh design in the midsection. Chairs in this price range typically falter in material quality, easily breaking down with enough heavy usage. But in my two weeks of constant use (it was my default gaming chair to test out different games on different hardware for several hours each day), no part of the Yaheetech ripped apart, fell apart, or otherwise broke down in any way.

While the durability was impressive for a cheap gaming chair, I would have liked to see more padding on the arm-rests. I am one of those people that like to rest my elbow on the rest areas, but the hard surface of the nylon started to hurt after a few hours. Still, other than the arm-rests, this racer-style chair from Yaheetech proved immense value and one that I would love as a starting gaming seat.

Gaming Chairs Under $200

This category is perhaps the most important in terms of mixing supreme quality with casual/semi-casual gaming. The price point of roughly $150 to $200 is the sweet spot for getting a full-featured chair to game on without overspending. These chairs have the right cushioning, the brand names, the customer satisfaction, and the durability to sustain long gaming sessions, regardless of if they are casual or serious.

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X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1


X Rocker 51396 pro series pedestal

X Rocker makes all sorts of chairs, but their Pro Series Pedestal with a built-in speaker system is perhaps their most popular model. It is much bulkier than most of the office-type chairs and so I see it as strictly a gaming chair made for PS4, Xbox One, or other gaming devices that hook up to a large screen TV (gaming PCs included, as long as they do not require a desk to play on).

X Rocker’s full-fledged seat is very comfortable to kick back and relax in. Reminiscent of a massage chair, I found it the best in its class for sitting back and enjoying a casual console game. The leather is notably well-made and the pillowing within does a fine job allowing my muscles to also take a break.

The Pro Series has a variety of advanced features as well. The 2.1 surround sound system is excellent for activities like listening to music. I found it awkward to use for other engaging activities like watching movies or playing games on the big screen, though. Chances are you already have a dedicated sound system or soundbar hooked to the television. With that said, the subwoofers and speakers actually sound good. X Rocker put effort into it and made it useful for those that need it.

Arozzi Enzo


best chairs for gaming under 200

Arozzi is a brand name I trust with chair manufacturing and their Enzo model is highly popular. The Swedish-built chair is lightweight and provides customization for maximum comfort and movement. I find it does not restrict my natural range of motion while I play on the desktop, so it makes for a wonderful, versatile chair that is suitable for both the desk and the lounge.

I love the thick padding on the wrist and back area. The leather is good and easy to clean. Lastly, the overall design is simple, not trying too hard in any area, which could be a positive or a negative depending on your tastes.

In all, the Enzo is an amazingly versatile chair that has a lot of uses. The ability to adjust the chair as well as move swiftly around while gaming is a top selling point. The price is not bad as well, and the customer support I have received so far has been top-of-the-line.

Best Gaming Chairs, No Budget

I decided to include this section because some readers have been requesting it. These chairs are top in the market and target the players that are serious about what they sit on. Whether they are professional gamers or just really serious about the hobby is none of my business. But these chairs are typically for higher end players and are made of better quality material, have the best ergonomic designs, and usually have a very long lifespan. Do note that the budgets are uncapped for these ones so prepare to open up your wallet in order to get the highest quality video game seating.

AK Racing AK-9011


AK-9011 most expensive gaming chair

The AK-9011 is the most expensive model on the list and I will admit is just not an affordable option given the price. I was hard-pressed to buy the thing to test it out just because it was too expensive a purchase for me. Still, I ended up buying it, testing for roughly 3 weeks, and then selling it used to one of my colleagues for minimal loss.

The price is hardly justifiable if only looking at the basic layout and padding of the 9011. It looks very similar to other racer-type chairs. But it truly is one of those products you have to use in order to get a real feel for its value. During my short time with it, I felt at ease with my posture. Also worth mentioning is the authentic Major League Gamer-esque feel I had just sitting on it. These high-end gaming chairs are the ones pros typically use so getting to test one out while also testing my desktop hardware felt amazing.

The majority of the value in AK Racing’s best model is the brand name and its popularity among professionals, but another very good selling point I found was its hardy structure. Many chairs base their legs, armrests, and overall body off a harder plastic, but the AK-9011 used a tougher metal. If you have money left over and want to indulge yourself in something only the most hardcore buy, check out the most expensive gaming chair on the list.

DX Racer Formula Series


formula series dxracer high end gaming chair

DX Racer is a household brand in the gaming world, with numerous sponsorships and features on the major gaming tournaments. They have different series of chairs to fit different people, but probably the most purchased and talked about of them all is the Formula series. This is a racing-type gaming chair that is also DX Racer’s most affordable model outside of the rockers.

I fell in love with the breathable material DX Racer uses to fabricate the racing design, which many brands have tried to duplicate. The skin is tough, unable to be torn even by tugging at it with my hands. Every detail of the Formula Series is refined, from the sturdy base to the customizable back and arm area, to the comfortable neck bracer.

DX Racer Drifting Series


DXRacer Drifting Series Gaming Chair Ribbed

The Drifting Series is another gaming chair product DX Racer has available and is undoubtedly my favorite of the bunch. This is the only eSports seat that I chose to keep instead of sell or trial. In the Drifting Series, we have the trademark structure of all of DX Racer’s products, with the top-notch back, neck, and glute-area support.

But exclusive to Drifting is a “ribbed” back area, a new kind of pattern to support your lower- and mid-back muscles, as well as providing a different texture for your glutes and hamstrings. I like this change in patterning considering most of the chairs feel very similar. With the ribbing, my back is actively soothed while playing, but the usual DX Racer style has my posture straight, avoiding slouching despite the comfort.

The purchase price is not insane if you are on the market for a high-quality gaming seat like this one. Do keep in mind that out of all the chairs I did choose to keep the Drifting Series if only for its back support and ribbed texture as well as the noteworthy style (I have the black/gold).