With each cross-platform game that gets released the gaming community becomes more united. Console loyal players have long been arguing over which console is better to play [insert multi-platform release]. In this time of social distancing, the value of cross-platform gaming has only grown. Particularly since most of us cannot afford to own every major console. If you’ve been looking to play games with your friends from your preferred console of choice, then look no further. Here is our list of the best cross-platform games worth playing! 

Call of Duty: Warzone (PC, Xbox, PS4)

Leading the way in cross-platform is Activision Blizzards’ Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Gone are the days of Map Packs’ and Season Passes. Instead, Call of Duty introduces Battle Passes. A rank type system that unlocks gear, cosmetics, guns, etc. A la Fortnite. Now, for the first time, Call of Duty is cross-platform across Xbox, PS4, and PC. 

Dauntless (PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

Dauntless is best described as Fortnite meets Monster Hunter. Fun and fast-paced, Dauntless was the first game to bring players across ALL of the major gaming platforms together. Dauntless is a co-op action RPG in which you take on the role of a Slayer hunting Behemoths that pose a threat to the Shattered Isles. Slay monsters whether you’re in Handheld Mode on your Nintendo Switch with friends or on your 49” Ultrawide 4K monitor. 

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Fortnite (PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “Really? Fortnite?” Yes. Fortnite. The ever-popular battle-royale game manages to keep things fresh with constant updates, world-changing events, skins, and even gameplay mechanic updates. Currently, in its second chapter and season, Fortnite has introduced a new island map and gameplay mechanics such as boat vehicles, swimming and more. 


If you’re looking to set off on an adventure and become part of a great gaming community, look no further than Final Fantasy XIV. Final Fantasy XIV features over a dozen classes from classic Final Fantasy games, hundreds of hours of gameplay, and an amazing storyline that spans across 5 expansions. Their latest expansion, Shadowbringers, continues the story where Stormblood left off, adding 2 new races, and 2 new job classes including Gunbreaker. With enough content to keep you busy for years to come, Final Fantasy XIV has arguably become the best MMORPG in gaming. 

Rocket League (PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

Cars and Soccer. That’s all you really need to know about the adrenaline pumped fast-paced action of Rocket League. Chaotic in every sense of the word, Rocket League will have you at the edge of your seat game after game as you and up to 4 other players and score gravity-defying goals on your opponents.

With the list of cross-platform games constantly growing the landscape of gaming is becoming more unified. Through cross-platform we’re breaking down the walls that have kept us gaming exclusively on a single console. We gave you our list. What do you think are some the best cross-platform games worth playing?



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