In keeping with our recent posts on best gaming mice under $100 and best gaming desktops under $1500, we bring you a review of my best gaming headset.

Before I start anything, I want to explain this article a little bit. There seems to be a ton of confusion in the industry right now, at least as far as “gaming headphones” go. I am here to try my best to clear that up. First, these gaming headsets you see everywhere are not even the best headsets for gaming. I know, it sounds absolutely contradictory, but that is where companies like Turtle Beach make their profit. They make fairly affordable headsets and market them for gamers.

However, for those more into audio tech, the entire gaming headphone fad quickly fades away. Why is that? Because they simply are not to the same quality we expect out of headphones used for, say, music or movies. I will say this right now: the best headsets for gaming are actually just really good headphones. I am not here to knock on anyone that has a gaming headset, as obviously there are some quality gaming headphones with mics out there. In fact, I have included a few here in this list because I honestly believe they are most suitable for gaming sounds.

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But you will find that a lot of this list contains headphones that don’t necessarily market to gamers. The reason for their inclusion in this list is that their technologies are superior and more fitting than what cheaper gaming headsets will get you. Some of them have open backs, which allow for more a realistic sound environment, but at the cost of some sound leaking through your headset. Open back headsets typically make me feel more “inside” the gaming environment, rather than just a witness to it. Most gaming headsets are closed back because they don’t leak sound, and there is a whole market of gamers that just want to play video games without disturbing anyone around them.

Also, I would like to note that because these headphones are marketed to audiophiles instead of the general gaming market, expect prices to be considerably higher. This is not a buying guide for budget gaming headphones, but rather a buying guide for the best headsets for gaming. The wording is extremely important. Again, the best gaming headphones are not necessarily the best headsets to game in.

Best Gaming Headset Review:

sennheiser hd 650

The Sennheiser HD 650 gaming headset is a complete, open-back headset designed for audiophile listeners. These are incredibly high fidelity stereo headphones that give you that true, natural sound. Most use the HD 650 for hi-fi music playback, or for professional-grade audio engineering. However, they are absolutely suitable for gaming because of their open-back, true-to-sound essence.

One of the best open back gaming headphones

Being open back means there is no material covering the outside of your headphones in order to lock sound in. The obvious takeaway from this is that people around you almost certainly will hear the sounds coming from your cans. But listening through them, it feels significantly different.

The first difference is that it feels a lot more like you are in an open theater. Sound comes straight from the source and feels more natural rather than “boxed in”. This is perfect for gaming because the in-game environment itself is your “open theater”. Audio from the game sounds more realistic and immersive.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below on your best gaming headset.

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