Is BenQ the Best Gaming Monitor?

Which model of BenQ and ASUS is the best monitor for gaming?

Greetings, tech and gaming savvy readers alike and welcome to the first of many product reviews I will be doing in the near future! These new posts aim to help out the average gamer while also informing the more experienced and hardcore ones to better suit what they need. I am a pretty hardcore gamer myself and I like to ensure I’m getting a great experience. However, I most certainly am not the richest and am the common middle-class gamer. This means that prices within my range are factors when I’m purchasing games, consoles, or equipment.

Is BenQ the Best Gaming Monitor?When it comes to the best of the best for monitors, there really are only two companies producing them specifically for gaming. Those two are, you guessed it, ASUS and BenQ. A simple search on Amazon for “gaming monitor” brings not a bunch of results. Of those results, only ASUS and BenQ are competing for the top spot.

I’ve worked with a lot of equipment and machinery in the past and I am still very active around them. However, I’ve only used about 3 monitors specifically for gaming in the past. Two from ASUS and one from BenQ, which is fairly unknown in the regular computer monitor scene, that is for the average user (read: non-gaming).

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For this review, I will pit the BenQ RL2450HT Professional Gaming Monitor against ASUS VS278Q-P Ultrafast 1ms 27-Inch LED-Lit Monitor.

The review, as with the future reviews, will be pretty brief although they will certainly not be short. The reasoning behind this is to limit bias, get straight to the point, and let official details and Amazon reviews make a bigger influence in your decision, while still providing information for readers to be more knowledgeable before purchasing.

BenQ XL2420T Review

In my experience with BenQ’s entry in the gaming monitor world, they did a solid job. The monitor was sleek looking, very advanced compared to my regular desktop one, and it worked as promised. However, I did not enjoy the price tag. At $549.99 as their list retail price, I couldn’t stand to buy it on my own. I found a workaround for this as my buddy and I split half and half, while purchasing it for a great deal on Amazon for probably $300 or so, which isn’t that bad.

The screen size, as listed, is 2 feet diagonally. I was more amazed at the 3D experience they advertised over the 2ms response time. The 3D was glorifying for watching movies in 3D, but I found that most PC games (which is what I’m using the monitors for) didn’t have 3D capabilities supported yet and so it really turned me off that a large piece of the price was because the monitor was able to render in 3-dimensional.

The next feature I played around with on the XL2420T was the FPS mode. It’s nothing special, to be honest, as it’s pretty much the monitor adjusting the settings to be optimal for gaming, such as sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc. which allowed you to see enemies easier. I admit that it’s a little mischievous to have the ability to see your other people easier but to be flat, it doesn’t work all that well. While I do see a positive difference in my FPS playing, it’s not something I dearly need.

Overall, I agree with a lot of the users on the product reviews that the monitor is a bit overpriced. Lucky for us, we got it at a sale price. The features are great, the color and image quality or something to write home about, and the size was perfect for our needs.

I strongly urge you to check out the product page and read all the features and reviews yourself. I’ve included the link in the picture below:

ASUS VS278Q-P Review

Unlike BenQ, Asus is a more well-known monitor producer. They have monitors for regular users, power users, and gamers. This VS278Q-P model specifically was my choice for gaming monitors by ASUS.

I was really impressed with the 2ms response time on the XL2420T by BenQ but how about 1ms response time for the VS278Q-P Asus monitor? With all the speed in response time, it was hardly noticeable but I felt it was there. The playback of videos and rendering of my games were as smooth as milk. The colors were also very vibrant on the large screen, which leads me to my next point.

The screen size, diagonally, is a full 3″ larger than BenQ’s entry: 27 inches. I didn’t really care all that much for screen size, as long as it wasn’t too drastic a change and the monitor actually worked for my PC gaming. As was the case with BenQ, the ASUS worked really well. However, I found that the XL2420T was a better suit. While playing a game of Counter Strike: GO, I noticed a lot of dark parts of the screen on the Asus which weren’t there on the XL2420T.

Overall, I believe that ASUS’ entry in the best monitors for gaming race was a solid one, but not good enough to beat the BenQ monitor. Obviously, they are both top notch screens and they both play amazingly smooth. But for your money, the BenQ XL2420T Professional Gaming Monitor has way more features and just has an optimal gaming experience ready for you right out of the box.

You can check out the product reviews and feature set of the VS278Q-P down below:

For this review, my pick for the best gaming monitor is definitely the BenQ RL2450HT Professional Gaming Monitor for its outstanding feature set and decent price for a great value.

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