Often times, gamers think they can get away with cheap, standard mouse pads and use it for gaming. To be honest, you can do this and still be a serviceable player. But another route to take is obviously investing in a mouse pad specifically for gaming needs. There are several gaming mouse pads out there, with the majority of them being manufactured by either SteelSeries or Razer. I review each and every mouse pad here, testing it’s durability, precision, and comfort to withstand hours upon hours of non-stop video games.

Find which gaming pad is right for your money.

Top Gaming Mouse Pads For Optimum Precision

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Option 1: SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

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Although the 4HD by SteelSeries is a bit higher priced, it goes with reason. This is definitely one of my favorite pads of the bunch because of how cooperative it was during my thorough testing. What I mean by “cooperative” is that it wouldn’t break a sweat, even when I tried to tear it or bend it. I even tried to cut the material with scissors but it was pretty tough.

The 4HD also came with a feature many of the other gaming mouse pads did not have: water-resistance. I can’t stress enough the importance of this, especially if you take into consideration the diet of most gamers. We eat, we drink, and we play. So the 4HD’s ability to go through it all is just amazing.

Read more on the 4HD by SteelSeries here.

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Option 2: Razer Goliathus Omega Mouse Mat

The Razer Goliathus is one of the more “medium”-priced gaming mouse mats. The Goliathus comes with different styles: Alpha, Extended, Omega (the one we are reviewing), and Standard. Of the bunch, Omega is the cheapest and I found it had the best value. With Alpha, there aren’t many noticeable added features other than being slightly larger and with Standard, you’re just getting an ordinary mouse pad with a small logo at the top for a bit more than the mouse pad we’re reviewing right now.

Best Gaming Mouse Pads - Razer Goliathus ReviewThat leaves us with Omega and Extended. I picked Omega because I loved it’s price and I love the general style and features of it. Extended isn’t anything more than Omega, except it’s size. The Razer Goliathus Extended mouse pad is longer and provides much more space for the wrist, but it wasn’t for me.

Omega features a stitched outer frame, ensuring the pad lasts a longer time than most other mats. It also has an epic design on the top where your mouse goes, which really meshes well with my green-lighted Alienware Aurora R4.

It has the standard rubberized bottom that allows it to stick to most flat surfaces without ever sliding off and includes the precision material that we know and love from Razer.

Read more on the Razer Goliathus Omega here.

Best Gaming Mouse Pad Option 3: Thermaltake CONKOR Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

The CONKOR by Tt is a solid gaming mouse pad. It has awesome size for a mouse pad, allowing for a more freedom-based gaming experience.

Another feature is their highly-advertised low-friction surface. They claim to have an “ultra smooth” surface, allowing for quick movements on your gaming mouse. While I was playing Counter Strike: GO with this gaming mat, I felt the smoothness that it can provide. My Logitech G700 gaming mouse was gliding through it like water and it felt really comfortable. I would give this mouse pad an award for most smooth-feeling mouse pad for gaming, if that existed.

The CONKOR is a super smooth mouse pad that should be tried by all.

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Best Gaming Mouse Pad Option 4: Twisted Gamer – Insidious Gaming Mouse Pad

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At the current price, you really can’t go wrong purchasing this one. I figured that was already a great enough deal for any gaming pad but it featured a smooth surface, decent wrist space, and topped off with a precision-based texture. There’s nothing else to it.

Read more on the Insidious Gaming Mouse Pad here.

That’s it for now, folks. I’ll make sure to update this post when I see another serviceable gaming mouse pad that’s worth the money, but for now, I would take a look at the above mats and even checking out their product pages to see if there are any related ones for the same prices.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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