On my “bold 2017 predictions” post, I ever so boldly predicted that the Nintendo Switch becomes the worst console ever released by Nintendo. I received quite a bit of backlash from it, considering we have a lot of Nintendo fans, and gaming fans in general, that hope to see the console succeed. To be absolutely clear, I really want the Nintendo Switch to succeed too. I am not saying it will fail outright, with nothing able to be done about it. In fact, I am saying the opposite of that. There is so much that Nintendo has done so far that leads me to believe that the console is as promising as they come. Who wouldn’t want Nintendo games on a portable and home console, while also being introduced finally to a more expansive 3rd party library? If the console succeeds, Nintendo has itself both a standard Nintendo console, complete with 1st party games that sell really well, and a console that competes directly with the powerhouses that are the Microsoft and Playstation consoles.

So hopefully I made that clear. I do not want the Switch to fail. I am one of the biggest Nintendo fans ever. I wasn’t able to get my hands on a Game Cube console way back when, but I played the heck out of my Gameboy and then the following Nintendo DS. I still play my DS quite frequently, actually, throwing it back to classics like Pokemon Black and White. In a way, I kind of regret writing the post the way I did. But that is why we call it “bold predictions”, because in the back of our minds we don’t wish the negatives to come true.

We have a good year of gaming ahead of us, everyone. Let’s keep it light and enjoyable. Til next time!

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Edit: This is a good video to show how excited I am for the Nintendo Switch to launch. I have not submitted my preorder for the console yet, but I am very likely a Week One buyer. Jimmy Fallon does a great job promoting the console, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it and see what it’s all about.



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