Corsair’s RM series is a very popular line of power supplies among PC builders due to their 80-Plus Gold certification and continuous power ratings. This review is for the Corsair RM750, a 750 Watt power supply with 80+ Gold certification and is fully modular. From the get go, the RM750 is a fairly expensive power supply. You would only buy it if you truly need lots of wattage for your setup; for that, we recommend trying something like Newegg’s calculator or similar.

No noise

The PSU can be one of the loudest units in an entire PC build. Corsair built an impressive power supply with the RM750, since it is literally not audible at all. The power unit runs very smoothly and you can only hear it purr subtly if you actually put your ear to your computer and tried to listen to it. It’s built with low-noise capacitors and transformers to help suppress that potential noise, and the fan within the supply unit won’t turn on unless the system is under a sizable load (I found that personally mine doesn’t turn on until system load is above 50%) and some cooling is required. If you are using this power supply, it is very likely your computer has a lot of power, so going over a 50% of the power output would mean you are doing something very extensive, like 3-D modeling. Even with the fans on, I find the RM750 can still hardly be heard, unlike some other gold-certified power supplies.

80+ gold certification

Speaking of gold certification, the RM750 is a very efficient power unit. For costly PC systems, I find it absolutely necessary to have gold certification. The power efficiency and reduced heat that comes with it are going to be lifesavers considering you are drawing a lot of power and your utility bills can spike. Also, it is important to note that the Corsair RM750 fortunately has continuous 80+ power. This means that the supply unit is delivering its power rating all the time. This is compared to something that has “peak” 80+ power, which basically means that the unit can only produce that power rating some of the time. The RM750’s power rating does not dip at all. So if you have expensive gaming video cards or are wanting to run multiple drives, this PSU is going to be what you want to look at.

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Fully modular and easy to install

Non-modular power supplies are a nightmare since there are a load of fat and heavy cables to deal with. A fully modular supply unit will cost more since the company has to figure out how best to build the product so that it can effectively bring power to your PC parts while also reducing the clutter. Corsair’s modular RM750 actually lets you pick and choose which cables to attach, so you don’t have that unnecessary mess that other units have — even some power supplies that label themselves as “modular” still have cables you don’t need permanently attached to the actual unit so you can’t remove them even if you don’t need them. This is perhaps one of my favorite points of the RM750: the fact that it is almost completely customizable.

Say you are running a system that has so many parts (triple SLI with another three solid state drives and more hard drives, for example) that you need two power supplies. If you had two non-modular or even semi-modular supplies, you are going to run out of space very soon since those power supplies are going to have extra cables attached to them. With two RM750s, you can have one power supply running only the motherboard and then another running the other drives. The best thing about that hypothetical setup is you have all the power you need to go extreme with it, but you’ll also have manageable space in your computer’s tower since you would only have those specific cables attached.

Here is a list of cables my 750 Watt model came in, for reference:

  • MOBO (24-pin)
  • CPU (8-pin),
  • C-link cable
  • Molex (3 connectors)
  • Molex (4 connectors)
  • 2x SATA (4 connectors)
  • 2x PCI-E (6+2 pin dual connectors),
  • 2x Molex to 4-pin fan adapters

Note that all of these cables are conveniently flat and also seem highly durable. They are also labeled to make them easier to install.

  • 10/10
    Features - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Functionality - 10/10
  • 8.5/10
    Design - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Value - 9/10


The Corsair RM750 is a fully modular power supply, with every cable customizable (even the 24-pin power connector). This makes is very easy to install for high-grade rigs, as you can use only the cables you really need. For expensive power desktops with graphics cards that draw a lot of power and multiple drives, the continuous 80+ gold rating is perfect. Couple the supply with its silence and you have a PSU that will complement your expensive builds.


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