With so many computers out there on the market, it can be difficult selecting any one version. This is especially true if you’re in need of a gaming computer. While this definitely helps to narrow the field, your needs are specific and you know if they’re not met, you won’t be putting up any impressive victories. Hopefully the following CybertronPC GM2242D Assassin review will help you understand if this model is the right one for you.

CybertronPC GM2242D Assassin Review: Graphics

Obviously, a big part of modern gaming is the graphics. Companies spend years getting everything right so the graphics on your screen look as amazing as possible. That being said, it’s just as important for precision that what occurs on screen is clear, crisp and, above all else, accurate.AMD Radeon 6570 CybertronPC

Fortunately, the CybertronPC GM2242D Assassin won’t disappoint here. This PC comes with a 2x AMD Radeon HD6570 GPUs in CrossFireX configuration to bring the gamer uninterrupted graphics that are delay-adverse. So not only can you see every bit of the picture being provided in your game, you don’t have to worry that playing fast will backfire and end up hurting your performance. Go as fast as you can toward victory without fear it will cost you.

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GM2242D Assassin Review: Memory and Storage

Of course, memory goes a long way in this regard too. Without an appropriate amount of it for your gaming needs, it won’t matter how fast your graphics can keep up because there really won’t be much demand. Again, you’re in good hands with this model because it comes with 8GB of DDR3 memory. Multitask up a storm if you like; this computer won’t have a problem running as many programs as you need at whatever speed you need them. This amount and type of memory offers the perfect complement to the graphics provided.

You also get all the storage options you could need to. Play as many games as you like and save them as need be; this computer has more than enough space for all of them. The same goes for things like music, photos, films and applications. CybertronPC understands that you may use this computer for more than just gaming and it outfitted this model accordingly.

GM2242D Assassin Review: Multiple USB Ports

CybertronPC GM2242D - Buy on Amazon.comConventional computers come with just two USB ports. However, if you’re a serious gamer, you may need far more than just two for your needs. Many gamers apply three, four, five or more in order to connect to other devices and get the best possible gaming experience they can.

Once again, the CybertronPC GM2242D Assassin was built by a company that understands this. That’s why they made this model with no less than 11 USB ports. You’ll definitely never lack when you want to hook up a device.

GM2242D Assassin Review: Price

There’s no doubt that the price on this machine is a little steep. If you’re a hardcore gamer, it might be worth it, but others may just want to go with a conventional option that costs the same or less.

In any case, this is still a great model that deserves a high rating. Hopefully, this CybertronPC GM2242D Assassin review helped. I give the gaming rig a well-rounded score of 7.4/10.

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