Gaming computers usually are not affordable for everyone, considering the hefty prices they come at. However, like in almost any market, the gaming PC market allows you to find that one gem that offers features as impressive as some of the top brands, but at a cost that’s significantly cheaper and surprisingly low when compared with its counterparts.

The CybertronPC GM1293D is one such computer. In fact, it’s one of the few desktops on the market that comes at less than $500, without compromising on much of the features that a hardcore gaming desktop comes with. It has quite a lot in store for those who are looking for a budget gaming experience. We’ve listed some of its features that are sure to delight almost any gamer below:

— Note: the Patriot GM1294D is a computer we listed in our top desktops under $500 list

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CybertronPC GM1293D Review

GM1293D Pros:

Power that helps you dominate your virtual worlds

GM1293D Gaming PC Review
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The CybertronPC GM1293D comes with an AMD A4 3.40 GHz Dual-Core Processor, meaning a fairly smooth gaming and multi-tasking experience. Then there are the AMD Radeon HD 7480D Graphics, which ensures that you get a decent quality gaming experience. The 8GB DDR3 RAM , too, is another reason this beast poses stiff competition to some of the top products like it in the market, computers that cost a heftier and disappointingly high amount.

No heating issues

Now though this might seem quite a basic feature to mention, it is indeed quite an important one. After all, one of the major issues found with gaming PCs is overheating. This results in a lot of other problems too, and might as well require spending a considerable amount on fixing the issue. However, the CybertronPC GM1293D ensures a perfect level of ventilation by coming with 3 large fans, besides the usual heat skin fan. This makes sure that it will stay perfectly cool regardless of how long you use it for.

The best budget gaming PC ever? No, but it’s close

Though a few things have already been mentioned in the start about how cheap this computer is for the value it brings, its surprisingly low price surely needs more attention in the PC gaming community. After all, some of the top gaming desktops that offer a hardcore experience costs nothing less than a $1000-$1500 range. On the other hand, the Patriot GM1293D is being offered for something much lower at just under $500 on Amazon.

AMD A4 CPU on the Patriot GM1293DBut such a surprisingly low price might make some of you feel that it wouldn’t be able to provide the kind of gaming experience such expensive computers do. However, it would obviously be a big mistake to believe that. In fact, some of the CybertronPC GM1293D reviews on the products sales page mention that it allows them to run most of their favorite games (not to mention the some of the hardcore ones – albeit on lower to medium settings – as well) perfectly, without much or any lag at all. One particular customer says that he was actually advised by his friends not to go for this computer, as they didn’t believe that a gaming PC that costs as low as under $500 could offer a quality experience. However, after using the computer for a few days, the owner says that he proudly proved his friends wrong.

This all has been mentioned to convey the fact that it is not just the claim of the manufacturer that this PC offers a really hardcore gaming experience despite the low price, but it actually does and the numerous positive reviews from its customers only prove this fact.

The other side of the coin: Cons

Well, this product comes with a few cons that you might want to know about as well. Some of these are:

Older hardware

One glaring problem with purchasing cheaper and more low-end products – even in other industries – in the desktop market is that the manufacturers can’t put in the top hardware. That shows with the GM1293D PC, as its AMD A4 processor is several years old and the graphics card is getting pretty outdated, too. However, despite this, the computer still ran games from 2012 fine on medium settings. I tried on Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, and The Walking Dead on low-medium settings and the framerate was around 40-60 frames a second on average. Not bad for “outdated” tech.

Less brand-name

Another drawback to buying cheaper is you don’t get the brand name that other, more expensive options get. Branded companies like Dell, Alienware (a sub-unit of Dell, but still a name-brand gaming company), Lenovo, or HP, cost much more but have their advantages. When you buy branded, you usually get wider customer support, better warranties, and generally a more active community – important when you come across issues with your model or want to inquire more before purchasing a certain PC.

A final word

This desktop is amazing – for its retail price. You get a ton of value, convenient affordability (eg. if you’re looking to just buy the casual gamer a gift), and great reliability for less than 500 bucks.

Unless you are someone who doesn’t mind throwing a few hundred bucks extra on a gaming computer without actually getting anything significant – other than more recent hardware and the brand name – over what the CybertronPC GM1293D offers, then this computer is surely something you can consider going for.

We rate this a solid 7.9/10.

Read official Amazon customer reviews here or check out the black/blue version of the Patriot GM1293D (same price).

  • 7.5/10
    Features - 7.5/10
  • 8/10
    Functionality - 8/10
  • 7.8/10
    Design - 7.75/10
  • 8.3/10
    Value - 8.25/10


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