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4-21-13: Initial release.

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For those that don’t know, I am a big DOTA 2 junkie. I started playing it after I got invited in March 2012 from Steam, and was there in November 2011 watching the first DOTA 2 gameplay at The International tournament.

I was also an avid DotA player back during the Warcraft III days for about 6.5 years off and on, so going to DOTA 2 was a natural choice. Hell, it even feels like home!

Anyway, on my Youtube channel from time to time, I show off various DOTA 2 gameplay videos. But often than not, I get gamers who ask me how to play DOTA 2, and how to become a better play.

Well, guess what guys? It’s not that hard, it just takes time. Here is some bucket categories to get you better at DOTA 2:

  • Use the built in DOTA 2 hero guides
  • Watch replays, turn on Player Perspective
  • Watch tournaments, and watch those from Player Perspective
  • Practice with bots
  • Practice with the Quests inside Steam
  • Play with friends who know DOTA 2, and can help you get up to speed

In addition, watch my video tutorial shown below. In no time, you too will become good at DOTA 2. Enjoy!


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