If you’re a smartphone enthusiast like I am (currently have 3 phones, including the HTC One X), you’re probably always hungry for the latest and strongest specs in a phone. The most spec-heavy phone announced recently is by LG; their flagship device coming to the US soon is named the LG G2.

LG G2: What’s Outside

Quickly you’ll find yourself asking, what’s so special about this phone? According to sources, this phone features a screen size of 5.2″, larger than most leading phones today, including the Galaxy S4. The screen itself features “Full HD” and 1080p display.

It does include a physical camera button, so taking a quick snap or opening the camera app is as easy as actually pressing this button, like a real camera. Speaking of the camera, it features a 13MP one that can also film in 1080p at 60 frames a second, according to this website.

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Regarding buttons, there are no other buttons in the front of the phone.

LG G2: What’s Inside

The processor of the G2 is a Snapdragon 800, good for quad-core 2.3Ghz worth of power and speed. When it releases, the phone will quickly be the strongest phone in the industry, outweighing the Galaxy Note phones, Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, and the HTC One.

Like most phones today, the G2 will release with 2GB of RAM.

You do have the option of choosing how much storage you want in your phone. For the standard, cheaper choice, you can get the G2 with 16GB of storage. If you’re more tech-heavy and love apps or games, be sure to get the 32GB version for quite a bit more.

LG G2: Features

Often times, even if I don’t have anything to hide, I am still hesitant in lending one of my phones to another person, whether he or she is family or friend. LG fixed this for us in their upcoming phone with a feature called Guest Mode. What it does is it hides private data that you can choose when you lend it to another person. Activating it is easy as pressing a button.