Game Builder Design

This week Nintendo stealthily announced the all-new Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch.

The Game

Game Builder Garage teaches you the fundamentals of video game creation in a fun and gamified way through interactive lessons. Similar to Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet, Game Builder Garage looks to capture the imaginations of young game developers and designers.

Nintendo breaks each lesson into understandable segments and teaches you everything you need to know. Lesson topics include player controls, character movement, and even performing actions. You can add parameters such as timers, background music, a counter, visual effects, textures, and more.

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A colorful cast of creatures called Nodon brings your game to life and guides your creation progress. Watching them move around in the background of your game is entertaining all on its own. You can swap between your game and the hidden programming world to see the Nodon in action.

Once you complete the lessons, the game becomes your creative open-world sandbox. Exchange codes with friends to play each others’ games, get inspired, and collaborate with friends!

The Details

Nintendo includes USB mouse control to increase ease of game creation, allowing you to step outside of the native Switch controls. Game Builder Garage is an experiment from Nintendo that looks to change the way we view games. Similar to the failed Nintendo Labo. Still, we’re glad to see Nintendo taking chances and giving gamers new experiences.

Game Builder Garage will release for Nintendo Switch on June 11, 2021.

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