How to Play Max Payne 3 LAN Online Tunngle Tutorial -

May 3, 2013 – Initial Release.

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As you can see, this tutorial was originally posted by Versatile on his YouTube channel. So in case you wanted a text tutorial, here it is. If you’re not familiar with Versatile’s YT Channel, we’ve also included the “How to Play Max Payne 3 LAN Online” video tutorial for your convenience.

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I will write about the Tunngle portion of the tutorial, as I see it as the simplest method for playing Max Payne 3 LAN Online. Obviously, you will need a copy of Tunngle, which is free and downloadable at

How to Play Max Payne 3 Online LAN

Once you’ve installed and registered for Tunngle, install Max Payne 3.

Then download the Max Payne 3 v28 update and the offline patch v5.1 here. The password to open files from the .rar file is: GangXta. Install the update and extract the files into your MP3 install directory. If you have Windows 8, however, only extract these files into your Max Payne 3 folder: “MaxPayne3.exe, Update.rpf, PlayMaxPayne3.exe”.

Once done with the update and patch, set up your firewall so it doesn’t block your game from accessing the internet.

Next, you’re going to need to sign up for a Rockstar Social Club Account if you don’t already have one. You can do this by running the “MP3 Account-Login Maker.exe” file from the Offline Patch folder. This creates or logs you for Rockstar Accounts to make profiles.

Launch Tunngle and join the Max Payne 3 network. If you are not familiar with Tunngle or this is your first time using it, don’t worry! They have a lot of tutorials and even set up a wiki page to help you use the program. You can check out the Tunngle tutorial wiki page here.
Getting used to Tunngle is very beneficial in that you may play games like Max Payne 3 online or LAN.

Once you’re in Tunngle and logged in to your Tunngle account, run “PlayMaxPayne3.exe” to play Max Payne 3. With the game up and running, log into your Rockstar Social Club account by pressing “HOME” or “POS 1”, then click Auto Login and then OK.

Go to the Multiplayer section. Note: There may be an error. Simply ignore this, it will still work. Then choose LAN.

You may choose any match you’d like to play in and enjoy!

If you have any questions or run into any problems, simply comment here or on Versatile’s video, and he will get back to you with solutions.

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Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Can I play maxpayne 3 lan offline multiplayer just by connecting lan cables and without a internet connection

    In Windows 10
    Please answer me fast!?


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