GTA V Not Coming to PC? Understandable

So recently, Rockstar Games announced that GTA V will not be coming to the PC. At first, I was a bit mad. My PC is my main gaming console (sorry PS3 and 360 fans!), so obviously my first thoughts were to bash on Rockstar like everyone else did. But then a minute or so later, I realized that they had a real reason to this.

This was their move to stop piracy.

Yes, as awesome as the PC community is, there are some that enjoy pirating games they can afford. I, myself, don’t pirate games and do not support it. However, others love to get cracked versions of things even though they can spend their money on a $60 or so game. It’s ridiculous and no GTA V for us acts as a punishment.

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I remember they reported that Grand Theft Auto 4 was losing a lot of sales due to piracy. I can understand that. They need to make their money for giving us an awesome game to play (and mod). Sadly, the lack of sales on PC was a big loss to them and as a result, GTA V for the PC will be delayed at the very least. It’s still yet to be confirmed whether or not it will even come out in the future, but there’s still hope.

I actually own a console so I’ll be able to play it on my PS3. However, I do love my PC more as it’s a powerhouse and graphics are generally much more comfortable to look at. Though I do hate the fact that I’ll have to play the next GTA on my Playstation, Rockstar made a solid move to get a message out there for all the pirates.