It may just be the holiday season, but these past few weeks (Thanksgiving/Black Friday included) have seen the price of Overwatch on all platforms drop to around $35. Even weeks after the whole Black Friday sale, Best Buy dropped the game to even cheaper than it was back then: $32.99 with Gamers Club Unlocked as opposed to Black Friday’s $35 price. Blizzard even has the game on sale in December, going for $29.99 for the non-Origins Edition game on PC or $34.99 for Overwatch: Origins Edition across all platforms.

Overwatch’s sales are obviously still very strong. There is no denying that and this post is not intended to attack their sales at all, as I am a firm believer and fan of Blizzard’s game. But the recent price drops to around the $30 mark hint at the game being close to keeping it at this price in retail. Of course, the game is selling incredibly well with those price numbers this holiday season, but it doesn’t seem too farfetched to believe that this sale will continue even in the dry months of the gaming year, specifically from February til the end of summer, when blockbuster AAA games rarely come out because sales are so dry.

There are plenty of reasons to believe that the $30 mark is where Blizzard will want to keep the game on sale when it does go on sale. Retailers are agreeing with this and you will see in the coming months past Holiday 2016 that whenever the game drops for a sale, it will be around that price. Months after those sales die down, perhaps in the Summer of 2017 or leading into the next holiday season, the regular retail price will likely be $30 and any “sale” price will be below that. My tip is to simply not purchase the game past $40. It almost certainly is worth spending up to the regular retail price of $60, no doubt about that. But because of Blizzard’s and other retailer’s many price drops of the game, we have reason to believe that $35 is going to be the norm very soon. If you are lucky enough to read this during the holiday season, be sure to grab the number one hit, and my personal favorite shooter of this year, for its sale price!

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  1. That is astonishing how the price of Overwatch still hasn’t even gone down, even after what 7-8 months after this post? The standard price is still around $35 everywher!


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