If you’re in the market for a gaming computer that allows you to enjoy all sorts of PC gaming action due to its powerful processor and its array of gamer-friendly features, it is probably wise to be doing careful comparison-shopping or online research before you buy this one.

To help you comparison-shop and make your shopping easier, we’ve created a detailed review of one gaming computer, the Cyberpower PC Gamer Xtreme GXi3800A Desktop.

This desktop is available for around or under $500 at Amazon.com (check exact price here – no need to add to cart), so it’s within the mid-range price point, just the sweet spot for most people looking for affordable hardware. To help you discover whether or not it will suit your needs, let’s explore its features and then take a look at its pros and cons.CybertronPC GXI3800A Review

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Our goal in this post is to make it an honest and impartial review. We’ve outlined what you would get from this computer, and more importantly what is missing and why or why not you should purchase it. Read on…

Features of The CybertronPC GXi3800A

First of all, this computer looks average, if perhaps a little cheap. It features a black and blue design on the main stack, as well as a black keyboard and mouse with red accents.

However, looks probably aren’t your main priority here. It is much easier to just change out the tower case of your desktop than the actual hardware, after all.

If you’re an avid gamer, you’re looking for high performance, as a strong and consistent PC will allow you to have a great experience playing games or efficiently do other work without having to worry about your computer breaking down.

This unit comes with an Intel Pentium Processor of the G3240 variety, which offers 3.1 GHz (3 megabyte cache) of processing speed. This isn’t particularly exceptional, as this type of hardware is actually quite dated at this point. Despite this desktop being relatively cheap, we at least expected a better sub-$100 processor inside of it. Something like the AMD FX-8300 or FX-8350 would have done significantly better.

In GXI3800A Desktop and Accessoriesaddition, this computer includes 4GB of DDR3 RAM. This amount of memory is fairly standard with most computers, but it does feel lacking compared to the other gaming rigs we’ve played on. Other features of the GXi3800A include an AMD Radeon R5 230 graphics card and the Windows 8.1 operating system included with purchase.

Since so many computers offer the same hardware and the same operating system — not to mention a lot offer even more for around the same price — we rate these features at 2.25 stars out of 5. The truth is that this computer is basically an entry-level PC being marketed as a gaming computer.

— Note: Official Amazon customer reviews agree with us (2.5 out of 5). You can read them here

Pros and Cons

The GXi3800A is an economical machine, probably one of its main selling points. However, you will need to balance your desire for performance with your desire to save money. In other words, paying more for higher quality and ultra-modern hardware is going to be an investment in your own gaming pleasure that would really pay off down the line. In other words, if you want a real gaming experience, you’ll have to shell out the money or look at better sub-$500 gaming desktops (we listed some of the best ones for you).

On the other hand, you may not have enough money to go for a computer which is more tricked-out. It’s actually possible to find deals on computers which are more suitable for gamers, without needing to spend more money. So, do shop around before settling for this pre-built computer. Again, we’ve provided you with an article to check out our list of the best budget computers (sub-$1000).

As you can see, the chief “pro” of this system, its relatively low price, may also be a major “con”, depending on how you look at things!Gamer Xtreme GXI3800 Gaming Machine

The primary con of this computer is its heavily outdated hardware. In a nutshell, you can do better with your money. A mediocre system like this one isn’t going to grow with you as your gaming requirements progress, unless you’re willing to tweak it yourself by purchasing and installing your own separate hardware. A brand-new gaming computer should offer a lot more, right out of the box.

We can’t recommend this mediocre system to anyone who is truly passionate about PC gaming – it just doesn’t measure up in terms of offering the latest hardware and processing power. It is a basic system with nothing special about it! This is why we advise you to remove it from your short list of possible gaming computer choices.

If you are looking for a new budget gaming PC, the CybertronPC GXi3800A is unfortunately not the answer, not even for a standard-use desktop.

Final rating: 5.3/10

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