Monster Hunter for Dummies

Monster Hunter Rise has reached near-epic status within the gaming community since its arrival two weeks ago. This formerly niche series garners increasingly fanatical attention with each new installment in the series. The MysteryBlock team is no exception, and we have been playing non-stop since the release. Our team of four has both returning players and gamers new to the series. Giving us a well-rounded perspective as we work through the game. Monster Hunter Rise is a fantastic way to jump into the series, and we’ve put together our favorite tips pulling from our combined 400+ hours of gameplay. Meet MysteryBlock’s guide, Monster Hunter Rise guide for Dummies.

Pick A Weapon That Defines You

The Long Sword is the default weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. However, check your inventory box, and you’ll find every weapon available to you. Every weapon is unique and will determine your playstyle. Each weapon has its own set of combos, mechanics, and other defining characteristics. Some are easier to learn than others, but all have their value and usefulness. The point here is to pick something that seems interesting to you and master it. Switch Skill selection aside, a weapon’s entire moveset is available to you from the beginning.

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Explore the Village

In Monster Hunter Rise, Kamura Village is your central hub. It includes the Steelworks, Village Entrance, and Gathering Hub Entrance. Sitting on a red bench across from Senri the Mailman, you will meet Hinoa the Quest Maiden. She is your main point of contact throughout the single-player Village Quests of Monster Hunter Rise. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this process, as quests will unfold almost precisely the same way in the Online portion of the game. Other points of interest are the smithies, courier, and Canteen.

The Buddy Plaza is a place where you can hire additional Palicoes and Palamutes and send them off on their own adventures, whether through the Argosy or as Meowcenaries, to bring back valuable goods and items that can unlock unique armor/weapon sets. You may also do this by speaking to your housekeeper in the Hub Prep Area or Your Room.

Discovered via the Buddy Plaza, the Training Area is the perfect place to familiarize yourself with each weapon. A great place to learn and practice combos, mechanics, and more.

Your Room is where you can customize your experience. You can customize the look of your room by hanging photos or trinkets. Speak to the housekeeper to check in on your Meowcenaries, trade via The Argosy, and train your buddies in the Buddy Dojo.

In the Gathering Hub, you’ll find Hinoa’s twin sister Minoto the Hub Maiden. She is your point of contact for hunting monsters with friends. Speak to Master Utsushi to obtain various training quests, stock up on supplies at the Guild Store, and speak to the Guild Master Hojo as you increase in hunter rank. Don’t forget to eat at the Canteen before venturing out.

The Hub Prep Area is very similar to Steelworks and where you’ll prepare for online play. Allowing you to craft, check in with your buddies, speak to your housekeeper, and purchase goods without traveling to the main Village.

Don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the Item Box locations. You’ll use it to manage your items, inventory, craft supplies, change Switch Skills, control your appearance, and more. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the Hunter Info as it serves as your ongoing guide to Monster Hunter Rise.


Take an Expedition Tour

Consider exploring the various locales in Monster Hunter Rise and complete some gathering quests before you jump into hunting monsters. This will give you a relaxed environment while learning how to traverse the maps and understand the various pathways monsters may take when fleeing.

Spend some time interacting with the creatures you meet along the way to learn about the local endemic life and local resources. Spiritbirds a type of permabuffers and will enhance your abilities until the current quest is complete. Hunting Helpers will provide passive benefits or may be used as items during a fight. There are various endemic lifeforms, so check out your Hunter Info for a refresh after discovering them. They are all useful, but, above all else, we recommend learning the mechanics and capabilities of your Wirebugs.



Before any hunt, be sure to visit the Canteen. The furry Palico chefs and Yomogi will provide valuable nourishment that affects various stats and dramatically improves your survival chances. Depending on your selection, they can improve your defense, the strength of your abilities, strengthen your affinity, and even weaken your monster encounters. So make eating part of your hunting ritual!

stock up

On The Hunt

It’s time to become a Monster Hunter! Before setting out, make sure to stock up on items you’ll need on the hunt. Our must-have items are Potions, Mega Potions, Lifepowder (Multiplayer), Tranq Bomb, and traps. Depending on your weapon choice, you’ll also want coatings or special ammo. Other things that may be valuable are Cleansers, Antidotes, and Flash Bombs.

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Don’t forget to check the Supply Box at the start of your quests on arrival. These will provide essential and valuable items to help you on your current encounter and don’t count towards your personal items. Remember to use these up first before you use your own. Note: If you’re online, make sure you only take enough supply for yourself. Be courteous and make sure you leave enough for your hunting party.

One last thing! If you choose the wrong weapon or forget to have a meal before setting out, jump into the guild tent at the starting camp locations and make preparations. You can also stop in here mid-quest if you run out of items and need to restock or craft.

use your palico and palamute

Use Your Palico and Palamute

By now, you should have your trusty companions with you. They are valuable when you’re on the hunt and will fight alongside you in every adventure. Be sure to check in on them, train them and keep their armor and weapons up to date.

You may only take one companion with you during online play, so be mindful of that. We stick to our Palamute companions to speed up travel around the map. Although we recommend switching over to your Palico for Rampage and Arena style battles as a Palico is a much better support in these scenarios.

tame your beasts

Learn to Tame Your Beasts

Taking down a monster in Monster Hunter doesn’t mean that it will be the last time you will face that particular monster. After you defeat a specific monster, the Smithy and Buddy Smithy will reveal blueprints for gear created from the carved or captured remains of the monsters you hunt. Building new equipment is essential to the monster experience, and you are increasingly able to forge stronger armor and weapons.

Study each monster’s abilities, movement, and attack patterns. Knowing your enemy in any Monster Hunter game is key to your survival as often monsters can eliminate you in one fell swoop. Awareness is key! Learn what makes them tick, what can potentially knock them over, what parts you can break or cut off, as well as the changes that come with it when they become enraged.

After you defeat them, be sure to check your Pokedex-erm… Hunter’s Notes to learn even more about the monster you hunted. Learn about their ecology, known habitats, physiology, and alignments. You’ll also find the carve percentage and drop rates for each material. This information will make it much easier for you to prepare for your hunts.

The Base Game is Just the Beginning

Monster Hunter Rise does have a full-fledged story mode accessible via the Village Quests. Most veterans will tell you that the story mode of the game is just a fancy tutorial for what’s to come in Hub Quests. The story is designed to get you comfortable with your surroundings, game mechanics and teach you the basics of monster hunting. The actual game lies in its multiplayer online gameplay. Hunters go here to reach High Rank quests, fight all-new monsters, and shoot, hammer, and slash their way to become a true monster hunter. This mode is where legends are born, and you will be tested.

Join A Community

The Monster Hunter community is comprised of both new players and hardcore veterans and is a valuable guide to Monster Hunter Rise. Active communities are filled with valuable information, and you can ask questions about unfamiliar game details. In my experience, communities are a great place to share weapon information, armor builds, and hilarious hunting stories. It’s a great place to interact and meet fellow Monster Hunters. One of our favorites such community is the Monster Hunter Rise Community on Facebook.

There you have it! All of our must-have game information summarized as our Monster Hunter Rise Guide for Dummies. What are your favorite tips for both returning and new players alike?

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