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April 19, 2013 – Initial Release.

I’m back with an update for my Rockets Association on NBA 2k13. I will explain some trades I’ve committed for my team to help in our rebuilding process, but of course I decided not to mess it up too much as I have chemistry on and that will get much lower with significant and frequent changes on my NBA roster.

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More NBA 2k13 Rockets Association Trades

I’m all in for trades to improve my team with younger guys that have a lot of potential to be stars, but also veteran players to help round out the team.

You can view my previous roster here.

So here we go:
– Traded JR Smith for Corey Maggette to better fill a bench spot for the small forward slot. JR Smith was too inconsistent for my liking and didn’t get enough minutes with James Harden playing around 39 minutes per game in the SG slot.

Rockets Main Options

Since trading JR Smith for a more reliable scorer and a greater position for minutes, we’ve been able to manage a bit more wins the past few games.

Main Scoring Option: It’s still James Harden, as he has a very fluid shot and has the scoring ability to manage most of our load.
Bench Scoring Option: Corey Maggette has taken over the slot for JR Smith, who used to share the scoring load with Toney Douglas. Now Corey Maggette and Douglas can have a 1-2 punch coming off the bench while Harden, Lin, and Chandler Parsons rests.

Rockets Association Problems

This is a new section that I feel should be on my Rockets Association posts here on MysteryBlock. I’ll be putting in any problems I feel should be addressed as soon as I can to improve my team.

Low of Offensive Weapons. There is probably only 2 true scoring options on my team and they are James Harden and Corey Maggette, who will come off the bench. Jeremy Lin is too inconsistent to be marked as a scorer so I will only be able to use him for layups and feeds off Harden. Parsons can dunk very well, but has no ball handling ability to take his own shot.

Weak on the Low Post. Omer Asik is a beast on the glass and a great defensive-minded center. However, he has no offensive skill whatsoever besides a standing dunk here and there. The same can not be said for JaJuan Johnson, my starting power forward. He is rather an offensive-minded power forward while lacking any valuable defensive skill down the block. This one-sidedness is a very vulnerable problem for other teams to expose.


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