toughtrasher plays NBA 2k13 Rockets Association

toughtrasher plays NBA 2k13


3/15/13: Initial Release.

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Hey everyone, I’ve recently been getting some time to play some games and thought, hmm why not play 2k13 again? So I ran it again and decided to create a new Association mode over a new MyPlayer (MyCareer).

I’m not entirely sure quite yet on our reader base’s interest, but MysteryBlock is a gaming blog and new variety posts could always bring in new readers. I’ll be posting more on NBA 2k13 as I see fit and as time allows, but I just figured it might be a fun thing to post about considering I’ve been a bit obsessed with it again.

Anyways, I’m a Lakers fan but that doesn’t mean I don’t like other teams. I’ve made countless Lakers associations, even had a few Oklahoma City Thunder or Miami Heat associations too. But this time around, I’ve chosen not to go for a championship team and instead focus on a team that is rebuilding. Teams like the Heat, Thunder, or Spurs are already built to contend for the championship. But other teams like the Pistons, Raptors, Hornets, or Kings could make for a fun rebuilding association to get from the bottom of the league to the top.

How NBA 2k13 Basketball Association Works

(for those who don’t know).
So the way Association mode works in NBA 2k13 is you pick any of the 30 NBA teams to manage. After choosing one, you could set your starting line up, player roles, hire staff, and trade players. Depending on if you’re already a good team, an okay team, or a team that is pretty bad and trying to build around certain young players for the future, you must manage your team as you see fit. You can choose to simulate or play the games your team is scheduled to play. Most people prefer to play the games as that is where the entertainment is at, but others prefer to simulate games to really act like the general manager of the team.

My NBA 2k13 Rockets Association

For this certain association, I picked the Houston Rockets. I’m not too familiar with them but I could work around it. Unfortunately, I hadn’t updated my game to accommodate for the recent trades (James Harden to the Rockets from Oklahoma City), so this team still had the old Rockets team of Kevin Martin.

I made some staff changes first: fired the assistant coach and hired a new, much improved coach since the Rockets had about $2.5 million to spend on staff. Then I spent the rest on some scouts that could really help me out in finding new prospects in case I become a low end team with a high draft spot to draft some new basketball players.

Rockets Association Team Changes

After, I traded Kevin Martin (star player) and Patrick Patterson (up and coming big man) to the Kings for Tyreke Evans and Jason Thompson. I took Evans for some practice to be familiar with his shot but I didn’t like it at all. I later traded him and Jason Thompson to the Thunder for James Harden and Serge Ibaka (blocking monster).

I played a few games, getting used to the new players. I didn’t like Ibaka at all as he just didn’t do anything in the offense. I was already struggling with putting points on the board as Harden was really my only scorer. So i traded Ibaka away for a much needed scorer in JR Smith. I also got a defensive stopper in Ronnie Brewer.

My NBA 2k13 Team So Far:

So my new Rockets team looked like this:
Point Guard: Jeremy Lin, Toney Douglas.
Shooting Guard: James Harden, JR Smith, Ronnie Brewer.
Small Forward: Chandler Parsons, Gary Forbes.
Power Forward: JaJuan Johnson, Marcus Morris.
Center: Omer Asik, Josh Harrellson.

Main scoring option: James Harden. He’s got a sweet stroke and could knock it down almost at will.
Bench scoring option: JR Smith. A great role player and plays very well with limited minutes. Pretty streaky shooter so I also have Toney Douglas in case Smith is cold.

So this is my Rockets association in NBA 2k13. Do you play NBA 2k13? What mode do you prefer? And if you have an association, which NBA team do you like to play as?

Stay tuned! 🙂


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