If you’re stuck at home wanting to Netflix & Chill but are practicing Social Distancing for the betterment of mankind then why not Netflix & Party? Netflix Party is a new and fantastic way to socialize and watch your favorite Netflix movies with friends from a distance!

How Does It Work?

Netflix Party is a chrome extension that synchronizes your video’s playback allowing you to watch movies with friends at the same time all while chatting it up in the built-in group chat! You can host or join in on a friend’s viewing party with a click of a link. Customize your chat experience using different user icons and nicknames. You can even upload images and GIFs!

Getting Started

Head over to netflixparty.com and install the Chrome Browser extension. Keep in mind that you will need to be on your PC for this. Unfortunately, mobile support is not currently available. Once installed, you should see a new ‘NP’ icon in the upper right corner of your browser. This icon will appear greyed out for the time being. 

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Head over to Netflix.com and begin playing a movie. Once your film or show begins playing the ‘NP’ icon in the upper right corner will turn red. Click the icon and you should see the option to ‘Create a Netflix Party’. Click on ‘Only I Have Control’ if you want to control playback options for the viewing party. Finally, click on ‘Start the party’ and you will see the chat room open up as well as having the option to copy a URL link to share with your friends in order to join. Keep in mind that only friends with their own account can join your Netflix Party. If you’re joining a party simply click on the party URL, which will redirect you to Netflix and then click the ‘NP’ icon, and you should automatically join the party. 

Some Things to Know

Netflix Party is a third party software that allows you to join a group of friends and watch Netflix together so expect there to be some kinks as this extension is relatively new. The good news is that the team is actively working on releasing updates and fixes. It’s also entirely FREE!


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