Big O
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Who says you can’t have it all? The Big O desktop created by Origin PC proves that a gamer can certainly have it all. Somehow the folks over ant Origin PC crammed an Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, and a beast of a PC gaming rig, all liquid cooled I might add, into a very sleek custom case.

Now you might be thinking, anyone can put all that stuff together in a box but what makes this build truly a gamers dream is the seamless ability to use and switch between systems. As stated on their site, this is accomplished via its individual USB 3.0 ports per console, a single HDMI port connected to a 4K HDMI switch (with wireless remote), and an Ethernet port to allow online capability for all systems. If this doesn’t have you drooling yet, it also comes with 2TB SSDs for more storage and faster digital game load times.

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One of the nicer touches was the insert slot for the Nintendo Switch which allows the unit to retain its probability feature. Keeping to each system’s strength and making sure they integrate nicely with each other was a huge reason why this has made such a splash in the gaming world.

Now the bad news, unfortunately, the Big O is not a production model that you nor I can buy, but it does show what’s possible if you put your time and money towards an amazing gaming rig. We’ve put the product specifications from Origin PC’s site below to hopefully inspire others to create truly amazing builds.


Xbox OneX

PlayStation 4 Pro

Nintendo Switch

  • Custom Nintendo Switch Dock Using Original Hardware
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