Our Favorite Video Game Couples

This Valentine’s Day is especially poignant for many of us after a year of social distancing. What better time to pay tribute to my favorite video game couples romantic or otherwise? Although most of my favorites have never officially become canon, I ship them all the same. Join me in celebrating my top 5 video game couples plus some honorable mentions I couldn’t resist including. Spoilers ahead!

Cloud & Aerith

Cloud and Aerith’s relationship is one we never saw come to fruition due to her unfortunate fate. Their relationship was innocent, lighthearted right from the start. Though Cloti shippers have often viewed Aerith as the third wheel—when she was in danger, Cloud stopped at nothing to ensure her safety. Even putting his entire team in danger to keep her safe from the hands of Shinra Inc. The tragic loss of Aerith caused Cloud to spiral emotionally leaving him tormented for years to come.

Master Chief & Cortana

Over the years UNSC’s Spartan 117 and Artificial Intelligence construct, Cortana have had an interesting relationship. While primarily work-related, probably expected when you’re running for your life, their personal connection is also strong. The chemistry between the two brings life to the characters. As the voice inside Master Chief’s head, Cortana is both guide and battle buddy. She is constantly assessing Master Chief’s area of combat as well as his well-being. But near the end of Halo 5, Cortana changed. Corrupted and self-aware, she ultimately betrays her greatest friend. I haven’t given up hope that the duo will find each other again, and can’t wait to see what lies in store for one of my favorite game couples. 

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Chloe Price & Rachel Amber

Relationships can get a bit complicated when life is as strange as Chloe and Rachel’s. After Chloe’s father passed away and Max moved away, Chloe felt abandoned and lonely. Luckily, Rachel was there to pick up the pieces. Although their relationship, like the others on this list, is kept undefined, it is apparent that Chloe has romantic feelings for Rachel. Even though some aspects of their relationship are ultimately left up to you, this is a gut wrenching story that ultimately ends in tragedy.

Zelda & Link

Sometimes in life people are destined to cross paths. In this life, the next, and throughout eternity. Such is the case for Princess Zelda and Link. Forever link-ed (see what I did there?) by the Triforce, the two are bound to protect each other and the Golden Power through their courage and wisdom. No matter the timeline or era the Hero of Time always awakens to team up with Princess Zelda to protect Hyrule when needed. Although they never technically declare their love for each other, nor is it a central plot point that drives their history, their connection is undeniable.

Mario & Peach

There isn’t much that anyone, let alone King Koopa himself, can do to stop Mario from rescuing Princess Peach. Anytime Princess Peach is in trouble the world’s favorite plumber jumps into action. Oftentimes enlisting the help of his brother Luigi. Although Mario behaves more like a knight, committed to ensuring the princess’s safety, there’s no denying their iconic relationship. They do everything together. Princess Peach has even joined Mario on his adventures. They’ve also partied and played a variety of sports together. We may never know how Princess Peach truly feels about Mario, but what we do know is that Mario will always be there for her. 

Honorable Mentions:

Sir Hammerlock & Wainwright Jakobs
Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher
Tidus & Yuna

Those are my favorite video game couples. What are yours? Did I miss any you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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