Play Your PC Games Using PlayStation DS4 Controller

If you’re like me, you enjoy playing your PC games with a controller. There’s good news. Windows makes it pretty easy to use a variety of gamepads, the simplest being the Microsoft Xbox Box controller as it’s plug and play. But just like mouse and keyboards, gamers tend to have a preferred controller and oftentimes that controller is the PlayStation DualShock 4. Here’s your quick guide to playing PC Games using your PlayStation DS4 controller. Enjoy!

Getting Started 

DS4Windows has made using the DS4 a breeze. As long as you have a Windows PC and a USB to micro-USB cable you’re already two-thirds of the way there. The DS4 can also be used via Bluetooth like the Xbox One controller through your computers’ Bluetooth connection. More on that later. 

In 2018 Steam released an update that allowed for DS4 controller support. The update brought a slew of customization options perfect for one of gaming’s best gamepads. Intended to be easy to use, as long as your Steam app is up to date you should be able to plug in and go! Now if only it was that easy to get the DS4 working on say the Epic Game Store. 

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For those that don’t have the Stream app, there’s an alternative

The DS4Windows Alternative

The inability to have the DS4 automatically be recognized means that people have had to create workarounds. Enter DS4Windows, a third-party piece of software that bridges that connection. While not perfect, it’s currently the best option available. 

Step 1: Install DS4Windows
To get started make sure you’re running a PC running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.

Next you’ll need to download the latest version of DS4Windows.

Step 2: Set up DS4Windows
Locate the install file in your directory, right-click and select, ‘Extract-All’. Once extracted to your chosen destination double click the DS4Windows.exe application in order to begin setup.

You’ll now be prompted to set where your profile settings are to be saved. We’d recommend the default ‘Appdata’ selection for this as it will keep all your settings in one place. Once selected a new window will open up; Click ‘Install DS4 Driver’. 

Step 3: Plug In Your Controller
Just like that you’ll be ready to connect and use your DS4on your PC. Windows should automatically detect it upon plugging it in.

The Bluetooth Option

Although you can technically connect your DS4 via Bluetooth already, not all services have adapted to being able to use it. Services like the Epic Games Store do not yet feature the capabilities to use your DS4 with their games like Steam does. 

So if you’re wanting to go wireless, this option is our preferred method. Connecting the controller only takes 3 steps and you’re up and running.

Step 1: Broadcast Your Controller
In order to connect your DS4 gamepad via Bluetooth, press and then hold the PS Button and the Share button for three seconds until the lightbar at the top of the controller begins to flash. 

Step 2: Connect Your PC
Open up the Bluetooth settings on your PC. Click ‘Bluetooth’ and select ‘Wireless Controller’.

Step 3: Enter Your Pair Code
In the instance that you are asked for a pair code, enter – 0000. Voila! You should now be connected. 

Additional Tips
With DS4Windows you’ll be able to create and customize profiles and map your controller to your liking. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with the latest firmware by running the DS4Updater.exe. With DS4Windows you should be able to play the majority of your favorite games using your PS4 DS4.

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