Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. The 5th generation of Sony’s console, the PlayStation 5, will be released in 2020. Don’t get too excited as, except for the manufacturer confirmation, everything we have is just a bunch of rumors. Today we’re going to discuss the PlayStation 5 Rumor Round-Up!

Let’s talk about each aspect of the console; including, launch date, specs, controller, design, as well as anything else worth talking about.

Without further ado, let’s see what the PS5 could bring!

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Release Date

Sony gave us a huge hint regarding this: Holiday 2020. This means that it could be just in time for Christmas. Also, we’re expecting more information about the console later this year, according to SIE president and CEO Jim Ryan.

With Sony skipping this year’s E3 conference, we believe that the launch date will be announced somewhere in the second half of 2020.

But…there is a but.

A recent post on Reddit hints that the launch of the new console could be scheduled as early as February.

To be more specific, February 29, when Sony will organize a private event in New York. Considering that the current model, the PS4, was introduced on February 20, 2013, this rumor could be a sign that the manufacturer is trying to follow a pattern.


Unlike the launch date, the design of the PS5 is something we have an idea or two about.

Back in August 2019, a Sony patent was discovered, showing what seems to be a pretty chunky console, loaded with USB ports, as well as a V-shaped cooling chassis.

Technically speaking, the design does have a point. But visually… Uhm, let’s say that they could have done better. Or is it just us seeing it this way?

However, we are tempted to believe that this is the design Sony will stick with. Gizmodo received a set of images with a PS5 dev kit, and guess what? They are identical to the patent images everybody saw. But let’s not forget that, in some cases, developer units are quite different than the final product.

Long story short, this rumor might not be the final design.


Ok, this is where things can get really interesting.

So far, there’s nothing confirmed regarding what’s under the PS5’s hood. But we have a few hints.

Considering that Sony has already confirmed that the new console will offer 8K support, we tend to believe that AMD’s SmartShift technology will be responsible for this. To be more specific, we’re expecting both CPU and GPU to be made by the same manufacturer. Oh, and they will work alongside a whole new SSD.

The console will take advantage of simplified data management, thanks to the presence of the SSD. This means that you will have the option to choose what parts of a game you want to install. For example, you can go for the single-player variant of a game only, thus saving precious storage space.

Oh, and, a nice feature would be the presumed AI voice assistant, currently known as PlayStation Assist. If this rumor turns out to be real, it will allow you to gain full control of your console, using your voice.

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This is another PlayStation 5 rumor which we know a few things about.

Back in October, Sony revealed some exclusive images of the next variant of the DualShock, which, to be honest, looks very similar in design to the current generation.

However, it appeared to have a microphone — probably for the voice assistant — and could come with haptic feedback, for a more immersive rumble. There are also claims about adaptive triggers for an improved tactile sensation, as well as a few extra gimmicks.

Basically, Sony tried to build a controller able to make you feel the difference between various types of terrain in a racing game, for example.


Everything sounds excellent, in terms of rumors, but let’s get straight to the point: how much is the PS5 going to cost?

Well, going back into time, we remember how Sony strategically launched the PS4 at $399, $100 less than the Xbox One. However, the next version of the console might not be quite as affordable…

A few analysts revealed that, according to their research, it could have a starting price of $499, depending on the storage capacity.


Even though there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the PlayStation 5, there’s one thing we’re very sure about: our PlayStation 5 rumor round-up tells us that it’s going to be one amazing console! And we’re looking forward to getting our hands on it.

Oh, and we can’t wait to see the upcoming Xbox as well since the battle between Sony and Microsoft could get way more exciting this year.

What do you expect from the PS5? Are you planning to get it as soon as it’s launched? Share your thoughts with us by dropping a few lines in the comments section below.


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