Every once in a while a product comes along that takes something seemingly complicated and simplifies it so darn well. Enter Rode’s RODECaster PRO. A savvy piece of tech that makes podcasting an absolute breeze. With the RODECaster PRO you can literally get up and running in a matter of minutes, take a finished podcast and have it up for your listeners in about 15min with very little to no post-production. As someone that’s been trying to streamline my process without the complicated hassle of overproduction, I’ve been on the market for a product that does exactly this. 

The Unit

Let’s talk about specs for a moment. With the RODECaster PRO you can plug in 4 XLR microphones, a USB plugin, and have a guest via phone call through direct plugin or via Bluetooth connection with “mix-minus” in order to prevent any echo heard by the caller. You can easily control the settings of each mic that’s plugged in, and each microphone has its own gain slider, ‘mute’ button and ‘solo’ button. 

The RODECaster PRO also comes with 8 programmable pads in which you can drag and drop sounds, music, and effects or even record directly onto them, all while customizing them with your favorite colors. Playing around with this feature during a podcast certainly brings your production to life in ways that are fun and entertaining for you and your guests. 

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APHEX On Board

The patented APHEX On Board provides a clean and crisp production environment for your podcast. Your podcast will sound clear and will have virtually no hissing or noise. You WILL sound like a professional. 

With the RODECaster PRO you can record an entire podcast session without the need for any additional equipment outside from a few microphones. One of the greatest features is that you don’t need to have it hooked up to a PC or running through any software when recording. Everything is done entirely through the unit allowing you a greater sense of portability with this setup.

Podcasting Made Easy

With the RODECaster PRO I was able to record two 30-45 minute length podcast episodes and have them fully out of production and live within 15 minutes of being done. When I was finished with recording, I simply dumped the files off of my Micro SD (sold separately) and into Logic Pro X which automatically separated each vocal track in order to make any last-minute audio adjustments. Soon after I was dragging and dropping my exported audio track into SoundCloud and had it uploaded for our listeners in minutes.  

The RODECaster PRO is an absolute dream for beginners. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own podcast this will simplify the process and give you excellent quality beyond anything that currently exists on the market. The $600 price tag may be a bit high but in my experience, it’s been worth every penny. 


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