Here at Mysteryblock, we are all in for cheap, yet quality, items for gaming. The hobby is expensive enough as it is. On top of the hardware you must buy, there are accessories that you need to invest in as well. We came across the Sades SA 708 gaming headset, an incredibly affordable choice for those that want gaming headphones. Seriously, it is one of the cheapest we have ever seen on the market.

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Sades Headphones

Before anything, I want to start the review by introducing Sades Headphones. The company is a Chinese-based brand, which is why their products are sold at such a low cost. Manufacturing, parts, and labor are simply cheaper there. They pass those savings on to you, allowing you to buy headphones to game on without spending more than you need to.

Despite making insanely cheap products, Sades actually is actually very reputable. Their gaming headsets and mice are their most popular products. Many people have used those without complaint. For headphones particularly, Sades is one of the top “affordable” brands, so to speak. Out of all the cheap gaming headsets in the market, Sades comes out among the top in terms of affordability and value per dollar.

Their support system may be lacking (because they are again a foreign-based company), but for the price they fill in nicely as a budget option until you can afford to pay for more mid-range gaming accessories.

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Sades SA 708 – Review

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Let’s now get to reviewing the actual product. I was lucky enough to purchase the SA 708 headset on sale for maybe 20% off. But even at full price, it is incredibly cheap. You can get regular headphones for music or TV for around $20, but I was surprised to find an actual gaming headset at this price point.


We already know that this is an extreme budget option if you’re looking for a pair of headphones to game with. However, I decided to do an overview of some of the things Sades claims the SA 708 has. This can give a better idea of what you guys are buying. It also serves as a platform for me to compare if the SA 708 headset actually lives up to what Sades claims.

Taken from their product page:

  • Top gaming experience
  • Comfort first
  • Superior sound
  • Seamless microphone communications
  • Modern Design

Basically, they are advertising a full gaming headset that delivers quality sound that immerses you further into the experience. The SA 708 has a soft leather padding that is meant to be comfortable while you game for hours. The headphones also come with an adjustable mic that you can retract based on your preferences. Finally, Sades’ headset was made with a modern style that appeals to gamers.

It’s also important to mention that these are wired headphones. At this price point, I’d be impressed if a company sold wireless gaming headsets that had decent quality. Thankfully, the SA 708 came with a few adapters to make it universally usable. Scroll below for instructions and tips on how to get your SA 708 working on the Xbox One, 360, or PS4.


The first thing I want to touch on is comfort, since it’s the first factor you’ll notice when putting the headphones on. The headset itself is very flexible, so it makes putting them on easy.

I have a rather slim head, and so I was concerned on whether or not the headphones will grip on to me or just slip off. Thankfully, it’s designed to “clamp” on your head for hours at a time, and the grip the set has isn’t uncomfortably strong. I never felt weighed down by the SA 708 clinging to my head either, as it is very lightweight.

As for the actual cups, they have nice, soft padding. It’s almost like memory foam the way it conforms to your ears and head shape. The leather that covers the padding is also useful. It helps with the grip so that the headphones don’t slip off. I also really liked them considering it’s almost summer (initial publication date: May 30) and the leather bounces off heat nicely. It’s great to have headphones that feel cool putting on and do not warm up while you play for extended periods of time. The only thing I don’t like about the leather is that it feels a little thin. However, I’ve used my Sades SA-708 extensively for about 2 weeks going into this review and they never wore off.

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Sound quality

Next up is the sound quality. This is for the in-game sound experience only. I have a dedicated section below outlining the microphone’s quality.

I would say that the overall sound quality is impressive. For a pair of headphones that is often under 20 bucks, the audio is surprisingly above average. The Sades 708 is sensitive enough that it picks up footsteps in games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Battlefield 1. In competitive games like those, being able to distinguish subtle sounds is especially important to winning.

The bass could always use more improvement. But again, at the price point the bass works just fine. Explosions in video games still sound like explosions instead of cheap fireworks. In Battlefield 1 (one of the three games I reviewed the SA 708 for; this is to experience different sound ranges in games), the bass was actually nice enough to feel the tank behind me coming. Instead of a typical “tank driving” sound track playing, it felt very realistic. For a pair that can be bought for at most $25, the Sades headset has great sound quality.

For hearing other people’s voices, I found no issues there. My friend Ryan, who helped me carry out this review, sounded clear on the PS4, as well as on the PC playing Global Offensive.

Mic quality

As for our own mic quality (we mentioned above that other people’s voice to us was clear and recognizable), it is simply “good enough”. I was able to transmit my voice through the SA 708 and Ryan noted he heard me just fine.

However, it could sound a little scratchy since there is no soft padding around the mic. The mic is also slightly too sensitive for my preferences, picking up background noises like my dogs barking. Ryan mentioned the background noise wasn’t as prominent as my voice when speaking, though.


So by itself, the Sades SA 708 is connectable via its 3.5mm cable plug. This is the standard end to which you can plug in to practically any device that has a 3.5mm port. It also comes with a handy 3.5mm 1 to 2 Jack cable, which connects to a pink and a green port. This is useful mainly for gaming desktops that use two ports; one for audio and one for the mic. It even comes with an adapter for the Xbox 360, since that console used a weird port to plug earphones in.

I found no issues using each of the connection cables. They all transmitted sound well with no scratchiness. I was convinced I would have to use my own Xbox 360 audio adapter, since foreign-made cables are usually the worst, but Sades’ included cable was of high quality.

There is a useful mic switch in the original cable.

The mic itself is retractable as well, making the SA 708 function decently as regular headphones. I can just prop up the mic and plug in to my iPad for easy listening without the mic getting in the way.

Sades SA 708: Xbox One

As promised, I’ve written a dedicated section for connection to numerous gaming devices.

Connecting the Sades headset to an Xbox One is easy, as the controller itself has a 3.5mm port. You don’t need any of the adapters that come with the Sades 708, nor do you need the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. Simply plug in the original cable on the SA-708 to the 3.5mm port in the controller and you should be good to go.

Sades SA 708: Xbox 360

The 360 is a little different from the Xbox One. It uses a thinner, non-standard audio port. This was a mistake on Microsoft’s part, as they basically alienated everyone with 3.5mm headsets.

Luckily, the SA 708 comes with an adapter for the 360. Plug in the adapter to the controller, then plug in your Sades headset to the adapter. It should work perfectly then. You can also use the Microsoft standard adapter for the Xbox 360. Plug that in to your controller and plug the standard 3.5mm port from the Sades SA 708. It should work similarly.

Sades SA 708: PS4

This works just the same as the Xbox One. The Playstation 4 controller itself has a nice 3.5mm port for you to plug in to.

Just for compatibility’s sake, I plugged the Sades headset’s 3.5mm cable in the back of my television and adjusted some audio settings. It works the same as the options above. The cable is not nearly long enough to sit back away from the table, however. If you were to do this option, I would recommend getting a female-to-female 3.5mm cable.

This workaround is also suitable to plug into your PC’s monitor.

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Potential issues

I personally haven’t had any problems with any of Sades’ headphones. On the PC, it’s as easy as plugging in the 3.5mm pink and green cords to their corresponding ports on the computer. Your desktop should recognize the headphones immediately. They should also default to using the headphones as the selected audio device, so sound plays through there rather than on your speakers.

It is simple, but there can be issues since everyone has a different computer. I’ve done some research and found some of the more common mix-ups people get with the Sades SA-708.

Sades SA 708 drivers

This is a common search term regarding this headset. If you believe your computer isn’t recognizing the headphones, then yes, you are correct in researching the drivers for that headset. However, because the SA 708 headset does not use a USB to connect to the computer, there shouldn’t be any drivers for it. Simply plug the 3.5mm cables to their correct ports and you should be good to go.

If for some reason your computer doesn’t detect any headset at all, then perhaps it’s time to update your system’s audio drivers. You will have to troubleshoot in your Hardware and Devices section. Please note that this has nothing to do with Sades’ product, as it only uses a 3.5mm cord to connect, not a USB.

Sades SA 708 mic not working

This was another issue I found people had with the headphones. Again, it’s just a minor mix up with your system’s audio settings. The SA-708 merely uses its 3.5mm cable to transmit sound; it has no drivers, and no individual processing chip.

To fix the mic not working, go to your System Mixer. This should be on the bottom right hand side (volume icon); right click this and go to Recording Devices. For people that believe their mic isn’t working, it’s because the computer decided it’s going to use the default recording device, and not the mic on your SA-708.

If you’ve plugged in the SA-708’s cable in the correct port (match the green or pink ports), then the device should show up in this section. Simply select it and your mic should work.

If you’ve done everything above and the mic on your SA 708 still isn’t working, check if your system’s audio drivers have been updated. This is the #1 solution to any headset issue.

Is this the best Sades headset?

It is honestly hard to say. I have tried several Sades headphones like the Sades Spirit Wolf, the Sades SA 930, the strange-looking Sades A60, and the more expensive Sades A7. While I’ve used many products from Sades, I still have yet to try all of their headsets.

Still, this is a very affordable gaming pair of headphones that can go for under $20. In that regard, yes these are the best Sades headsets due to the quality you get for an insanely cheap price. In terms of performance, I would rate the SA 708 as being good for value.

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Surprising performance for an ultra-cheap headphone solution
  • Features
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Value


If you’re looking for one of the cheapest gaming headsets around, the SA-708 by Sades is one of the top choices. Its sound quality has impressed us while the cushioning feels good even after a few hours of gaming. Connectivity is universal too, as it was compatible with my gaming computer, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS4.

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