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3-25-13: Initial release.
3-26-13: Added Featured Image.

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So for the last two weeks or so, I’ve been enjoying myself immensely with Sniper Ghost Warrior 2. Originally, I thought this game was boring. A multiplayer game with only two maps, and all you got is a sniping rifle and a pistol?

Most of the time, its a camping game, and you scout the map trying to see if you can find someone, and then snipe them before they snipe you. Or maybe you spawn and as you are trying to run away, you get sniped out of no where and you go “Argh!!!!”

But the more I play the game, I realized the intensity of the game. More specifically, I would find my heart racing and my arm pits sweating a little bit when I try to run across the middle of the map to get to the enemy’s side without getting shot.

There is nothing more exciting than walking up to the enemy’s upper level hideout, and then knife them in the back as they try to snipe some one across the map.

And if you are walking very slowly, there is something very exhilarating about walking up to the enemy behind them, and they don’t hear you coming, and you knife them.

Or in the case you get sniped, wow, it just scares you because you are so focused looking down your scope, and then you get knifed or sniped.

The funniest part of it all? Last week I was playing a LAN game in Tunngle, and I was on the other side walking behind players in the Sarajevo Downtown map and either pistoling them or knifing them.

Eventually, one gamer got pissed off saying how we should NOT be crossing the map, and that we were all f*ckers for coming over like that.

Well, I said thats too damn bad. Coming across the map is part of the excitement, and if you don’t like it…well, you should have sniped me when I was coming across!

Then there is my favorite map called Resort. I found several great hiding spots, where I am literally covered by the foliage in trees, and I am damn near impossible to see. Then I snipe someone and they die, and they see me in the “killcam” for the last 5 seconds, and they call me a cheater? WTF?

Just because you got sniped from someone across the map hiding in the bushes doesn’t make him a cheater. Hell, it’s your fault for sticking your head out too far from the building window! Give me a break.

Then they try to shoot me and say I don’t die? C’mon, I’m hiding behind trees, rocks, and the leaves. Of course it will be hard for you to kill me because I am backing off far enough the bullets don’t get me.

Is it me, or are some of these gamers in 2013 just too demanding? Seriously. Are other multiplayer games like this? For some reason, Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 brings out the worst in people it seems like 🙂


  1. Yoi Versatile! As Salam-o- Alaikum
    new dlc Map has came…like expention pack or something for online multiplayer! i want u to make one video for this new dlc and how to use it..and how is it….i have installed it ..but not seeing any session of this new Map!


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