mario party update

In surprising news, Nintendo recently announced that a free Super Mario Party update is coming and it’s massive. Since the game has been essentially dormant since its release in October 2018, this update is unexpected and welcome.

According to the announcement, the free Mario Party update includes:

  • Mario Party: The iconic board game mode where you roll dice to move and try to finish with the most Stars.
  • Partner Party: A 2 vs. 2 team edition of Mario Party where you share your dice rolls with your partner and have free movement.
  • Minigames: This is the place to go if you just want to focus on the minigames themselves.

We’re finally getting some of the online gameplay modes we wanted when Nintendo first released Super Mario Party. Previously, Online Marathon was the only option for online gameplay. A game mode with a lot to be desired with only 10 mini-games available for its limited online play. Now 70 out of the original 80 mini-games are available for online play. You can host public games or private games with password access for up to 3 friends.

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The game should update automatically on your Nintendo Switch. If you aren’t sure, check the game options and look for a software update.

One can only wonder why it took over 2 years for this to release. Is this Super Mario Party update too little, too late? Let us know in the comments!

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