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A few years ago, the number of gaming platforms was fairly limited as everybody was enjoying their favorite titles mostly on PC, while a few of them owned consoles as well. And the latter quickly started gaining popularity, one of the factors contributing to this being the way you could control the game. Yes, we’re talking about the gamepads, or, simply put, controllers.

Obviously, manufacturers reacted and made controllers for PCs as well, while with the evolution of gaming platforms – we’re talking about portable consoles and smartphones – these accessories were adapted. Basically, there’s a controller available for any platform you have. And this is actually a problem for some gamers…

With such a huge offer, it can be difficult to decide upon a controller able to deliver a top gaming experience. But this is why we’re here for!

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After some serious research, we’ve managed to put together a list with some of the best models available right now, for the main gaming platforms: PCs, consoles, and smartphones.

Curious about what we found? Let’s begin…

Best PC controller : Razer Wolverine Ultimate

It wasn’t difficult to pick the best controller you can use with a PC right now, as Razer’s Wolverine Ultimate is pretty much what we like to call a masterpiece. Yes, you cannot connect it to your PC wirelessly but otherwise, we can’t find any disadvantages!

With an Xbox look, it includes a lot of features you can also find on the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller, like the swappable D-Pad, but also the excellent customizable back paddles. Also, there’s one thing which needs to be mentioned, as it’s a “hate it or love it” type of features. Specifically, the A, B, X, and Y buttons click in like a mouse.

And this makes a huge difference!

From the first moment you unbox the Razer Wolverine Ultimate, you’ll notice this tiny detail and, just like us, fell in love with it. Or maybe not, you never know.

Finally, because we’re talking about a product with Razer’s signature on it, the Wolverine Ultimate comes with a load of RGB lights, Chroma style. Need to say that we’re big fans of this as well?

Best Xbox controller : Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

The name says it all! This is, hands down, the best controller ever made for the Xbox and we have a feeling that it will be very hard for Microsoft to make something better anytime soon.

In hand, the controller feels incredibly precise and considered, but also a bit light. And somehow, this could be a problem, especially if you prefer a bit of weight in your controller.

Nevertheless, it’s an incredible accessory, with easy to swap out components and additional back paddles, as well as a special companion software, so you can configure it according to your needs. Period.

Oh, and one more thing: it looks very stylish in that combination of matte black and silvery gray!

Best PS4 controller : SCUF Vantage Controller

Yes, the OG PS4 controller can be more than enough for the average gamer, but if your dream is going pro, then you need to go to the next level. Pun intended, of course.

The SCUF Vantage Controller was developed with gamers in mind and it’s fully customizable, featuring an enhanced grip, – get ready for this – remappable paddles on the back and additional side action buttons. As for the cherry on the top, you will surely notice the audio touch bar.

In a nutshell, it’s the best – or at least one of the best PS4 controllers – for the simple reason that it gives you more control over your gameplay. But hey, mapping the extra buttons to get the most out of every game isn’t bad either.

Comfortable even after long periods of playing and with customizable aesthetics, it’s one controller you should at least try!

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Best Nintendo Switch Controller : Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly fun console, able to keep you entertained for hours. But in order to get a better grip on your games, a good controller is required. And, surprisingly, there are tons of available options, with the officially licensed Switch Pro Controller leading the pack.

Obviously, the main feature is the ridiculously long battery life – 40 hours – while a full recharge, using the included accessories takes roughly 6 hours. But it’s not just about battery life…

The controller is a pleasure to hold, thanks to the textured handholds, not to mention that the motion controls come in handy when playing titles like Fortnite, for example. And we shouldn’t forget about the built-in Amiibo functionality, allowing you to use your favorite figures in-game, and the HD rumble, which reacts to in-game events.

But it’s not perfect: there’s no headphone jack. Yes, for real! And it can be considered a bit pricey. Still, it remains the top choice when it comes to Nintendo Switch controllers.

Best smartphone controller : Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad

If when it comes to consoles and PCs the offer is incredibly big in terms of consoles, things change a bit when we move to smartphones. The mobile gaming industry reached new levels over the past years as some manufacturers even develop handsets focused especially on gaming on the go, so it’s obvious that there are tons of controllers, for a more…intense experience.

It was a bit difficult finding a great model to recommend but in the end, we came across the Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad and fell in love. Like we did with their full range of accessories, but that’s another story…

Compatible with Android handsets – don’t worry, iOS users, you can see one for your phones in our Best iPhone 11 Pro accessories article – it comes with a pocket-friendly price tag and 14 buttons, laid out in a very Xbox-way.

We’re fans of the offset joysticks, as well as the right-hand action buttons, which offer great control, no matter what you’re playing. And there’s even more: dedicated mode buttons and a spring-loaded phone grip, which keeps your handset steady.

Let’s say that if the battery was bigger than 220mAh, this would’ve been a perfect controller for smartphones. Now, it’s almost perfect and we’re still recommending it.

And there you go, a controller for each gaming platform! Now there’s one question to be answered: which one are you thinking to get and why? Let us know your thoughts, using the comments section below!

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