the best xbox cloud gaming controllers

Microsoft has finally launched their open beta of their cloud gaming service originally codenamed Project xCloud. After spending months in Beta the cloud gaming service is set to launch with Xbox Game Pass on September 15th. With over 100 games available on your Android mobile phone or tablet at launch, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will only add to the possibilities of portable gaming. With that, we present you with the best ways to play our top picks for xCloud controllers.

The Ultimate Android Controller

Razer Kishi

The more time I spent with the Razer Kishi the more I found myself loving it. It’s extremely comfortable and well built and if you own a Nintendo Switch, it feels very familiar. Razer’s latest shares similarities with the Junglecat, but instead of connecting via Bluetooth the Kishi connects directly through your device’s USB-C port. Which also means you won’t need to charge it like you do the Junglecat. The Kishi also has a USB-C port you can connect to so you can charge and play your favorite titles at the same time. The Kishi’s compact design also makes it perfect for travel. The only thing missing is a travel case.

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The Best Overall Controller

Xbox One Controller

If you’re looking for the standard controller for xCloud, look no further than the Xbox One controller. Not only is it the official controller, it’s easily the most comfortable and ergonomic. With the Xbox One controller, you can connect to your mobile or tablet via Bluetooth. The downside is that it does require a clip for optimal comfort. Companies like 8Bitdo and PowerA have them available for purchase and they’re only about $15!

The Best Premium Controller

Xbox One Elite Series 2

If you plan on going all in then you may want to purchase the Xbox One Elite Series 2. Possibly the best controller on the market. The Series 2 has a comfortable grip texture only found on the Series 2, interchangeable thumbsticks, remappable back paddles, boasts a 40-hour battery life, and more! If you want to customize your gaming experience down to the responsiveness of your analog sticks then the Series 2 is the very best of the best. Like the standard Xbox One controller, all you need is a clip to attach to your device and you’re good to go!

Honorable Mention

8bitDo SN30

One of the more compact controllers in our lineup, the 8bitDo SN30 feels like a cross between a Super NES and an Xbox controller. Not my favorite in terms of ergonomics, the controllers from 8bitDo are still great quality. It also comes with a separate software app that allows you to customize and map your buttons. This smaller controller is designed to function with any Android device, boasts an 18-hour rechargeable battery life, and even ships with a clip that can be used to hold your phone.

Have a controller in mind that you think we missed? Let us know what you think the best Xbox cloud gaming controller is!

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