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There are a lot of words that can be used to describe the feeling you get while playing video games. ‘Epic’, ‘amazing’, ‘insane’ or ‘holy sh*t’ (sometimes) are among our favorites, as all of them are used in those special moments when something really crazy happens in-game. Neverseen combos, shots, goals, ridiculous wins…you know what we’re talking about. And we also know that you’ve witnessed a lot of them yourself, whether you were playing all alone or online, with your friends.

We can recall a lot of unforgettable game moments ourselves, from our very first years of gaming to present days. However, even though we would love to go down on memory lane a bit, today we’re focusing on some of the newest titles and the moments they made us scream “Wow, this is absolutely insane!”

So, let’s just do this and jump into the top 10 gaming moments for August 2019.

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Fortnite Battle Royale – The Butterfly Event

Ask any Fortnite player you know about the game’s best-ever event and you’ll probably get the same answer: Butterfly. And we can totally relate to this!

The beauty of this game lies in the fact that it somehow manages to always find new ways to tell an ongoing story, in very difficult places. In 2019, the mysterious appearance of the cube is clearly one of the best examples supporting this.

Players were notified that they should be in-game and around the cube, as after its explosion, it sent everyone to a whole new dimension. And this is where everything changed…

After the explosion, players could move around before transitioning to a cutscene involving a butterfly, then return to a new area on the map, resulting from the explosion. And this, fellow gamers, lead to truly mind-blowing moments!

In order to better understand the entire madness, check out YouTuber Ali-A’s Butterfly event experience, which was one he won’t forget anytime soon:

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Final Boss fight

If you ask us, one of the best games ever released for consoles is Marvel’s Spider-Man. Yes, this is a powerful statement but we’re not saying this because we were among those who desperately wanted Spidey to at least feature in the Avengers (we will be forever grateful for giving Peter Parker that internship, Mr Stark!), but as one YouTuber once said, this title is the proof that, sometimes, games can surpass movies.

Throughout the game, our hero has to deal with eight bosses, including a few classic figures, like Rhino, Scorpion, Kingpin, Taskmaster or Doctor Octopus. And you guessed it, the latter is also the final and most spectacular/epic/crazy boss.

Once a visionary scientist, trying to make the world a better place, Dr Otto Octavius turned into one of Spider-Man’s most dangerous enemies. In the game, he has incredibly powerful attacks, a great range and, if you’re not careful, he can hit you multiple times, despite trying to dodge the hits.

All these, combined with some stellar graphics effects, make the final boss fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man one of the best gaming moments we ever saw:

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Braithwaite Manor goes down

There’s one statement about Red Dead Redemption everybody will always agree with: it’s incredibly long. 60 hours of story, to be more specific, as well as an epilogue that we can swear it takes more than some of the games we’ve played in the past to finish. Still, it’s also packed with some spectacular sequences which can make you forget about those hours you spent to reach them.

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Let’s just say that you’re minding your own business, casually walking through the forest, looking for a bear. Still, sometimes, your target isn’t very happy with you shooting at it and decides to fight back.

The result? A high-action moment, blood all over the place and probably a scared gamer if this scene finds him or her alone in the dark, enjoying a quick Red Dead Redemption 2 session.

But hey, if you’re quick enough you can end up with a nice bear skin!

(the first scene in the video)

Forza Horizon 4 – Drifting around the entire map

Probably one of the most successful Xbox exclusives, Forza Horizon 4 gathered an impressive fan community who wanted to take the game to a whole new level, by completing some of the most ridiculous challenges.
No, we’re not talking about stunts or stuff that needs less than one minute for completion, but about something way bigger. For starters, drifting around the entire map!

YouTuber Don Joewon Song took the 1400hp Hoonicorn – yes, the one that Ken Block used in one of his Gymkhana videos – for a quick spin on a sunny winter day. Except this quick spin turned into a hardcore drift session, with no snow tires, no driving or braking line. As for the result, it was absolutely mad.

Mortal Kombat 11 – Epic Sub-Zero fatality

There are quite a lot of R-Rated games out there, but if you ask us, nothing beats good ol’ Mortal Kombat.

Fans of the series had one big reason to be happy this year, as a new title was announced, after a few years since the last edition, Mortal Kombat X.

Even though a few new figures were introduced in Mortal Komba 11, we still have a thing for some of the OG characters, Sub-Zero, a name that was present in all games so far, being our number one favorite.

Somehow, the developers were aware of the popularity of this character and managed to ‘load’ him with some ridiculous moves, including what can be considered the craziest fatalities in the game. Combine these with some kick-ass moves and you will surely understand why Sub-Zero is among our fighters of choice.

Check him out in action:

Never change, Bi-Han, never change.

Apex Legends – A new world record?

Apex Legends is one of 2019’s massive hits so far, managing to gather a huge community around it, thanks to its elevated approach to the battle royale concept. Heck, it even made us reconsider our preferences and put it right there in the top, alongside names like CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege, Yes, it’s that good!

Constant bullet storms, 3v3s, great character powers, and some top-notch weapons designs took this game to a whole new level (pun intended), making it one of the best shooters we’ve ever played.

And as expected, gamers tried breaking new records while playing it. YouTuber SoaR was one of them, achieving a kill count of 50 in a game!

See him in action below:

Devil May Cry 5 – Mad combo!

Devil May Cry 5 is one of those games which can be described using words like “stylish” or even “sexy”. Simply put, it follows Nero’s path to becoming more than just dead weight but, at the same time, it’s also an excellent sequel putting some loose ends together, through some action-packed moments.

Just like in the previous titles of the series you will see demons all over the place, Dante doesn’t change at all, and live some great fighting moments, giving you that nice and warm arcade feeling.

Visually speaking, DMC 5 is an amazingly appealing game and maybe this is one of the reasons why we like watching combos. Like, probably way too much!

This is one of our favorites so far, courtesy of Millz:

P.S.: That’s some excellent music!

Metro Exodus or how to properly scare players

Ever since 2010, when Metro 2033 was released, we started developing some really strong feelings for this series, even though in some moments it really managed to scare the sh*t out of us.

With the action happening somewhere in a post-apocalyptic Russia – somehow reminding us of HBO’s Chernobyl – you should be incredibly careful while exploring the area, as you never know when a not-so-friendly zombie is coming out of nowhere, trying to…do bad things to you.

Our recommendation is to avoid playing Metro Exodus all alone, with all the lights turned off. Unless you want your neighbors to constantly hear you screaming when something like this happens:

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – A world record raid run

Even from the very first minutes of playing, The Division 2 proves that it has one of the best storylines ever, putting you in the middle of Washington DC, a few years after the events from the first game.

The United States is still in shambles, while the citizens are constantly afraid of the gangs and militia that have filled the vacuum left by the government. And then there’s you, trying to save the day, alongside your team.

Our favorite part of Division 2 is, obviously, Operation Dark Hours, probably one of the most difficult raids in the history of gaming, which usually takes a few hours to complete, not to mention that some console players said that for them, it’s technically impossible to do it.

Well, here you have YouTuber widdz managing to complete this task in just 16 minutes and 30 seconds. And this is a crazy world record!

Tetris 99 – The most insane 1 v. 1

Last but not least, we should take a few minutes to talk about one of our guilty pleasures, the game that managed to add a modern twist to an evergreen classic that even our parents used to play, whether it was on consoles or on those handheld devices you could find almost anywhere.

Yes, we’re talking about Tetris 99, one of the reasons why yours truly just had to buy a Nintendo Switch.

The idea is simple: you and 98 more players engage in a fast-paced game of Tetris until just one of you is left standing. And it gets better and better, as you get upgrades to attack others and…chaos ensues. This is pretty much how you build an extremely addictive and popular game!

…and it’s clearly one of the best 1 v. 1 moments we’ve ever seen:

A solid representation of some mad skills, if you ask us!

And this wraps it up, fellow gamers! We went through ten amazing moments created in some of the most recent titles which made us hit that replay button at least once. Sure, we’re convinced that there are gamers out there who can do way better and titles with even more impressive scenes, but you must agree that all of the above are moments of pure art.

Like always, we want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on our selection? Which one of these was your favorite and why? Also, if you happen to have a channel where you shared some crazy gaming moments as well, do share a link with us, we would like to give it a watch and, why not, include it in an updated variant of this list!


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