Joypad vs. Split Pad Pro

Today we’re comparing our top two Joy-Con alternatives, the Joypad and Split Pad Pro. It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are not the most comfortable handheld controllers. Our search for the most comfortable Switch controller will likely continue as new options hit the market—but after many hours of testing, we’re pretty happy with these two controllers. 

Gaming in handheld mode for extended periods can result in soreness and cramping, especially with games that require intense hand movement from the user. You could purchase a grip for your system. Grip cases, such as the Satisfye or Skull & Co. cases, infinitely improve the portable gaming experience. However, if you’re searching for a more natural feeling controller, our top two Joy-Con alternatives may be what you’re seeking. With that said, let’s break it down.

Top two joy-con alternatives: Binbok Joypad

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Binbok Joypad

Meet the new Joypad controller from Binbok. A solid multi-use controller, the Joypad is ergonomic and has the feel of an actual controller. It features a non-slip pattern on the back and has ring LEDs with eight customizable colors. Like the popular Razer offering, it even has a color-changing mode, which adds a nice esthetic to the controller. 

The Joypad features adjustable turbo functionality, dual power vibration, and 6-axis motion controls with virtually no latency. It also includes rumbling—although Nintendo’s HD rumble on the Joy-Con is superior. On the back of the Joypads, there are remappable buttons for customizable quick inputs.

Finally, the Binbok Joypad features a wireless connection offering flexibility outside of handheld mode. Overall, the Joypad controller is a fantastic option for playing in handheld mode. It’s comfortable to use and provides some valuable features and visual touches. But is it worthy of being one of our top two Joy-Con alternatives and does it hold up to the Hori Split Pad Pro?

Top two joy-con alternatives: Hori Split Pad Pro

Hori Split Pad Pro 

Hori is no stranger to the third-party controller market, and the Split Pad Pro is a fantastic addition to Hori’s gaming accessory line. It’s a comfortable controller with a solid reputation. That said, Hori’s Split Pad Pro is bulky and missing some features when compared to the Joypad. Unlike the Loypad, the Split Pad is essentially a handheld-ONLY device. It has no charging capabilities, so it only works when attached to the Nintendo Switch, making it incompatible with wireless play.

Another missing feature, when compared to the Joypad, is gyro-controls. However, like the Joypad, the Split Pad Pro features turbo functionality and remappable back-facing buttons for quick inputs. 

Joypad vs. Split Pad Pro

But which is better? The Hori Split Pad Pro is the more comfortable of the two for me. It’s a well-made controller and offers an experience similar to the Nintendo Pro Controller. If you’re looking for a handheld solution for your Nintendo Switch, then this may be the controller for you. However, if you’re looking for the best all-around solution, then the flexibility of the Joypad may be your answer. It’s a comfortable controller with solid features and may be used for both handheld and docked play. 

So who wins with Joypad vs. Split Pad Pro? You! Ultimately, there isn’t a clear winner between the Binbok Joypad and Hori Split Pad Pro. Both controllers are ergonomically much better than Nintendo’s Joy-Cons. If you’re looking for comfort while playing in handheld mode, go with the Split Pad Pro. If you can only buy one controller, I recommend the Binbok Joypad. This lack of a clear winner is why both are our top two Joy-Con alternatives and either way, you’re winning.

The Binbok Joypad is available on Amazon for $51.99.
The Hori Split Pad Pro is available at major outlets and Amazon for $49.99.

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