If you have been trying to get your hands on a high-end video gaming mouse for some time now, but have absolutely no idea where to go because of all of the different options out there on the market today, you are nowhere near alone.

There are literally hundreds of different gaming mouse options the market today and there are tons more releasing seemingly every day!

Unless you know exactly what to look for in a gaming mouse (and not just in a general sense, but specific to your situation), you’re probably going to end up with something that is anything but the best mouse for you. Obviously, that’s the kind of situation that you’re going to want to try and avoid at all costs.

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Hopefully this quick gaming mouse purchasing guide helps you do exactly that. Let’s dive right in!

What’s in a name?Purchasing a new gaming mouse is harder than it seems

First of all, if you are serious about what you should be looking for in a gaming mouse, and don’t want to get swept up into all of the noise, marketing, and advertising out there, it is absolutely mission critical that you pay more attention to a handful of gaming hardware developers.

Yes, this might mean that you miss out on that “once in a million” gaming mouse that is head and shoulders above everything else that a company has ever manufactured – but you will be guaranteeing that you never get burned by a solution that just is not going to be able to compete toe to toe against something from a videogame hardware/accessory focused titan company, like Razer.

Name brands don’t mean absolutely everything in the gaming space, but they are important. And if you really want to figure out how to find the best gaming mouse you’re going to want to start off looking at the “big three” (in my opinion):

  • Dell (and their Alienware products)
  • Razer
  • Logitech

As mentioned above, there are definitely other brands out there that offer the best gaming mouse for you and your needs, but only these three deliver consistent solutions that are at the top of the industry year in and year out.

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Do not stress about wireless or wired gaming mice

Is wireless gaming right for you? Don’t worry about it

Whatever you do, don’t put whether or not a gaming mouse is wired or wireless as a factor for purchase.

Obviously, both sides have their pros and cons (more on that later), but deciding on one or the other before checking out the main features – like DPI, comfortability, and build quality – is a mistake. Your best bet is to find a mouse you enjoy thoroughly, in all aspects, and then decide if a wireless PC mouse is right for you.

Choosing whether your gaming mouse has wires or not from the start is bad purchasing practice. There are just a lot more factors that could go into whether you enjoy the mouse you selected.

Just how flexible is this mouse, anyway?

Lastly, when you are trying to figure out what to look for in a gaming mouse, you’re going to want to invest in a solution that can grow with you.

Gaming mice that offer extra flexibility and adaptability through configurable buttons directly on the mouse are going to give you a serious advantage over the competition, exactly the kind of edge you’re looking for when you are What to look for in a gaming mousecompetitively gaming.

Flexibility is absolutely everything, so make sure that you’re going with a unit that you can trust to deliver the goods in a number of configurations no matter how you set it up, the kind of gaming mouse that you can use in either hand (ambidexterity) to give you exactly the results you’re looking for.

Also, do not forget to read the reviews of certain gaming mice. You want to look for how long it lasted someone in terms of features and aging as new mice come out, sleek design that will remain fresh for years to come, and especially durability.

That’s how to find the best gaming mouse out there. I really hope you found this gaming mouse buying guide helpful and find one that fits perfectly for you!

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