5-20-13: Initial release.

5-23-13: Fixed zippyshare link so it links correctly now.

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I’ll make this super short. Odds are you came to this page because one of my Youtube gaming tutorials had a link to this blog article. As time move on, it is possible that my online hosting file sharing sites may try to delete my file. Mediafire did this to me before, and effectively, disabled my account.

I have moved on, learned from my ways (twice), and now I present to you a backup mirror for the wsock32.dll file. Many old games use this like Red Alert 2, Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge, and also Dune 2000. Not every single wsock32.dll on the Internet is the same, so make sure you are using my copy, and you are good to go. Just put it into the same folder as your game.exe or whatever game you are playing, and you are ready to play!


Wsock32.dll main mirror:  Zippyshare


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