Monster Hunter Rise April Digital Event

Today, during the Monster Hunter Rise April Digital Event, Capcom announced a whole slew of goodies in the form of their first major 2.0 title update. Let’s break it down! 

A massive success for Capcom, MHR sold over 5 million copies in the first ten days—becoming one of the most popular current titles on Nintendo Switch. Since its release in March, Players have been hunting, carving, and capturing monsters in the 50+ hours of content the game’s single-player portion—then jumping online with friends and doing it all over again to watch the game’s true ending and unlock High Rank. The game’s first true test.

Monster Hunter Stories 2

The Monster Hunter Rise April Digital Event kicked off with a new trailer for the upcoming sequel to Monster Hunter Stories 2. A cell-shaded turn-based RPG set in the Monster Hunter universe. There’s even some cross-functionality with Monster Hunter Rise with armor sets that will be available within both games. A new set of Amiibo Ena, Razewing Ratha, and Tsukino will release alongside MH Stories 2. Let’s just hope they are more readily available than the Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo’s were. Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be available on July 9th for Nintendo Switch. 

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Monster Hunter Rise 2.0

The event quickly shifted over to a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise’s 2.0 title update. The trailer featured the new monsters Apex Diablos, Apex Rathalos, and existing Apex monsters moving outside their current rampage quests and into the wild. 

We then got a look at Rise’s first real new monster, Teostra. Teostra, an elder dragon, first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 and most recently in Monster Hunter World. It’s a fire-type dragon found in hotter regions of the world.

The second monster to be shown was Kushala Daora, a metallic-skinned elder dragon able to manipulate the surrounding winds. Kushala Daora also first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 and Monster Hunter World and can be found in cold and snowy regions.

The last monster shown was the previously announced Chameleos. A poisonous elder dragon able to camouflage itself using the electric currents that run throughout its body. Chameleos was introduced in Monster Hunter 2 and last appeared in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.  

Alongside new monsters, Capcom revealed that 2.0 will add standard quests for existing apex monster hunts and new sets of weapons and armor. Paid DLC will also be added, such as new voices, hairstyles, poses, gestures, stickers, music, and more.

A new Hunter Rank cap will unlock with this update as well. Allowing hunters to earn Hunter Rank points for completing quests. Doing so will increase your Hunter Rank and enable you to take on quests for the new monsters. Also included will be a variety of new rampage, arena, and single-player-only quests.

One of the most awaited features is the ability to create customizable, layered armor. Once your Hunter Rank is unlocked, you will be able to forge layered armors to look your best while staying protected. 

Capcom also announced that the Ver. 3.0 title update will be available at the end of May and will feature more new monsters and a new ending to the Kamura story! 

Crossover Content

Lastly, Capcom announced the first crossover content between Stories 2 and Rise. Linking your save data will unlock the Rise Kamura armor set for Stories 2 and the Stories 2 Rider armor for Rise. 


The Monster Hunter Rise ver. 2.0 update will be available on April 28th in just hours! So sharpen your blades, sound off your horns, restock your ammo! It’s time to go hunting!

Watch the Monster Hunter Rise April Digital Event below:

Or on the official Monster Hunter Rise April Digital Event website.

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