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Have you been waiting for the Xbox Wireless Headset? When the Sony PlayStation 5 launched, it did so with accessories; including, a charging stand and their Pulse 3D headset. In contrast, Microsoft’s official Xbox Series X|S accessories took months to become available post-launch. We’ve spent those months using the Razer Kaira Pro and the Razer BlackShark V2, all quality options, and we’re excited to have the official Xbox Wireless Headset in our hands finally. Today I’m breaking down the headset in our Xbox Wireless Headset review. Is it worth the wait?

Xbox Wireless Headset

There’s no denying that Razer’s headset options for Xbox Series X|S are among the best around. Still, there’s something special about having officially branded accessories designed by the teams behind the console.

The Xbox Wireless Headset feels more like an extension of the Series X|S than an accessory. Its simplistic design is an absolute breeze to use. Like the Razer Kaira Pro, its design caters to the Xbox Series X|S and Cloud Gaming on Xbox. It even allows you to answer phone calls straight from your headset and automatically adjusts your game volume.

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Syncing is as simple as connecting your headset directly to your Xbox Series X|S via the included charging cable or the sync button. Once paired, you’ll only ever have to reconnect your headset to charge it.

Audio Performance

The Xbox Wireless Headset’s 40mm cans provide excellent low-latency audio quality. It supports spatial sound, including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone:X for an immersive audio experience.

Unlike the Razer Kaira Pro’s need for a secondary app, The Xbox Wireless Headset adjustments are made directly within the Settings menu—making it easy to navigate and make changes on the fly.

The Xbox Wireless has excellent voice cancellation as well. It features voice isolation with an exterior microphone that reduces background noise and a mic that focuses on your voice. There’s also an auto-mute feature that automatically mutes your microphone when you’re not talking.


The Xbox Wireless Headset is a much lighter headset than the Razer Kaira Pro but suffers slightly in terms of comfort. The earcups, although soft, are made of polyurethane leather and foam cushioning instead of the ultra-soft flownit memory foam on the Kaira Pros.

It’s not uncomfortable, but the unbreathable material can cause your ears to get warm and even sweaty after intense hours of gaming. The rotating ear cuff dials are also a fantastic and straightforward solution to adjust game chat, audio, and balance volumes. Even after months of owning the Kaira Pro’s, I often had to take off my headset to figure out which button and dial did what.

Is the Xbox Wireless Headset Worth It?

Absolutely. The Xbox Wireless Headset may not be perfect for comfort and sound, but it is the perfect headset for the Series X|S. And with a retail price of $99, it is still $50 cheaper than the Razer Kaira Pro. A wired version of the Xbox headset is scheduled to release on September 21, 2021.

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