The World's Smartest Mask

The pandemic changed how we live around the world. One of these changes was the introduction of masks to our daily lives. Particularly within the USA, where mask usage was limited pre-pandemic. For most of us, masks have become everyday carry (EDC) items like our keys and phones. A new normal post-2020. Enter Project Hazel by Razer. “The world’s smartest mask.” Razer created the mask with 5 key areas in mind—it is safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized. The mask was created to the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements.

The World’s Smartest Mask

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a worldwide shortage of PPE gear that affected many. Razer responded by converting one of its facilities to manufacture medical-grade masks for frontline workers. To date, Razer has donated more than 1 million masks around the globe. 

Project Hazel seems like the next step in the evolution of facial gear. A classified Surgical N95 Respirator the mask will protect against splashes and droplets. It also features a chargeable, detachable, and replaceable Active Ventilator that controls and regulates airflow filtering 95% of airborne particles. Additionally, Project Hazel comes with a charging case that kills bacteria and viruses through UV light sterilization. 

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The mask also features various elements that likely make it the most person-friendly mask on the market. The mask itself is transparent, making it easier for others to see you speak. The mask’s interior automatically lights up when in low light conditions, further enhancing the visibility factor. The built-in mic and amplifier also ensure that your voice isn’t muffled while wearing the mask. In true Razer fashion, the mask itself also features Razer Chroma RGB, providing you with a mask that is not only safe and comfortable but also sleek and stylish. 

Although Project Hazel is still a prototype, it’s definitely shaping up to be the future of consumer PPE gear and an accompanying accessory to our everyday life as we adjust to the new normal. 



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