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Play your Game Boy games on PC, Mac, or Linux using the GB Operator by Epilogue. The GB Operator is a neat little piece of hardware that allows you to play, store, and transfer Game Boy games. You can also save data from your original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance libraries. Its small form factor makes it easy to use and an excellent addition to your retro game library preservation. This GB Operator review breaks down the hardware and simple it is to use.

The Hardware

The GB Operator is a small compact device powered by the highly stable and fully featured mGBA custom emulator that continuously updates as you play—this prevents you from losing game progress when switching between consoles or games. The GB Operator even allows you to use your favorite emulator should you prefer a different one. It’s compatible with all three major computer systems and you can play your Game Boy games on PC (Windows), Mac, and Linux machines.

The GB Operator also allows you to develop homebrew games and play them on original hardware using GB Studio. You can even write your games to custom GB cartridges!

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Using the GB Operator

Install the Epilogue Operator software on your machine and insert your cartridge. The software will automatically detect the inserted game and display a nice splash screen with box art and relevant game information.

From there, click launch, and you’re off to enjoy your old-school games! This tool is as uncomplicated as it gets when wanting to play your Game Boy games on PC. The UI is simple and easy to navigate. In a world of ever-increasing counterfeit cartridges, the GB Operator can spot fakes—ensuring your collection is 100% legit. Should it detect a reproduction cartridge, the software will let you know that the cartridge inserted is an “unofficial cartridge” with a popup message.

In the Data portion of the menu, you can download and upload your cartridge, save files, and safely store them on your computer, as well as transfer them back.

Final Thoughts

Overall the GB Operator is one of the best pieces of hardware in retro gaming. Add on the affordable price of $50, and this is probably the best all-around playback hardware on the market—especially when compared to the never-in-stock options from Analogue or the slightly less complete Hyperkin RetroN Sq.

So that’s it! The GB Operator is an affordable and easy-to-use tool to play your Game Boy games on PC, Mac, or Linux. Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments below!

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