On the Hunt for Magnamalo

Capcom’s latest entry in the Monster Hunter series is finally out on Nintendo Switch and we’re excited to be hunting, trapping, and carving the new beasts that await us in Monster Hunter Rise. At the forefront, the star of the show is Rise’s flagship new monster – Magnamalo.

The Wyvern of Malice

Known as the Wyvern of Malice, Magnamalo’s name is derived from the Latin word Magna, which means Great, and from the Spanish word Malo, which means Bad or Evil. Classified as a Fanged Wyvern, Magnamalo is a giant kitty cat for the lack of a better description. This extremely large and primarily purple feline is covered in armor-tough hide and sports a red underbelly. It’s an extremely fast and nimble monster with a relentless attack pattern leaving unprepared hunters with little time to react. Now that we’ve encountered this urgent threat first hand, here are our favorite tips to help you and your party capture this beast. 

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Prepare Yourself

As always, the key to a successful hunt is preparation! Be sure to craft the best armor and weapon available to you. Given that Magnamalo’s key weakness is water, anything with water affinity is beneficial to this fight. Especially your weapon. Be sure to craft deodorant and grab a few bombs as well before departing. More on that later! And finally, avoid using Blast on Magnamalo as it is resistant to it.

Next, head to the Canteen and order a variety of Bunny Dangos. A Bestnut (Dango Defender Lo) to decrease damage, Medicinal (Dango Medic Lo) to slightly increase health recovery, and if you’re in a party, a Bee-utiful (Dango Reviver) to restore health to allies in the area upon fainting, once. That last one came in handy! Or if you’ve unlocked it already, substitute one of the first two choices with a Spud-luck (Dango Defender) to give yourself a chance to encounter a slightly weaker version of Magnamalo. 

You first encounter Magnamalo during the Village Urgent Quest “Comeuppance” or in the Hub Urgent Quest “Hellfire” in the Lava Caverns. Magnamalo can usually be found roaming the Lava Caverns in areas 10 and 11 for the “Hellfire” Hub Quest. Or area 9 of the Shrine Ruins for the “Comeuppance” Village Quest. On your way to the fight be sure to pick up as many buffs as you can from the local endemic life. 

The Fight

Magnamalo’s true danger lies in its Hellfire. Its shrouded swings inflict a readable debuff which looks like breathing purple fire around your hunter that will either combust over time or cause devastating damage when struck. When afflicted with hellfireblight use a deodorant to quickly remove it or, even better, use it against Magnamalo. 

To use hellfireblight against Magnamalo, get up close and personal when afflicted and wirebug leaving the cloud of hellfireblight behind. If Magnamalo hits the cloud, the hellfireblight will explode, knocking Magnamalo over leaving him vulnerable to attack.

The belligerent Magnamalo will almost always aggro any monster in the area. The moment this happens, Wyvern Ride its opponent and attack to quickly build up your meter and unleash the monster’s special attack. This will almost always knock Magnamalo over as well.

Magnamalo’s attacks come fast and quick so remain focused at all times. The more you attack the more enraged Magnamalo will become. Purple flames will begin to emit from various parts of its body including its back and forearms. Shortly after, Magnamalo will pounce and the ground will emit a purple hellfireblight cloud. It won’t affect you if you’re far enough away, or if you’re super close to Magnamalo. 

If you quickly plant a bomb and detonate it just before it pounces, Magnamalo will inflict Hellfire on itself toppling over and providing another opening. Be sure to attack its tail and forearms for maximum damage. 

Lastly, be sure you avoid its devastating tail laser. You’ll notice this attack coming when Magnamalo is enraged and its tail raises up before shooting Hellfire orbs followed by a massive blast.


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Farming Magnamalo

Like with most monsters, it’s usually easier to capture Magnamalo than slaying it. Most items are obtainable from capture with the exceptions being Magna Ghostprism, Magnamalo Blade, and a few other items. 

The Partbreaker skill will also come in handy since some items like the Magnamalo Horn can be obtained from breaking Maganamalo’s crown. Don’t forget to focus on cutting off its tail and carving it as well. 

The Magnamalo Amiibo

If you were lucky enough to snag a Collector’s Edition of Monster Hunter Rise then you are now a proud owner of the Magnamalo Amiibo. Scanning the Amiibo unlocks the Sinister Seal Armor Set for your hunter. You’ll also receive the Fish Collar Armor Piece for your Palico and Shuriken Collar Armor Piece for your Palamute.

You can also get this amazing armor set for your Palico and Palamute if you find the Palico and Palamute Amiibo in the wild. 

Enjoying Monster Hunter Rise? What’s your favorite monster so far? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to stay tuned as we will share tips on the High Rank version of Magnamalo.

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