[How To] Play Payday 2 PC With PC or PS2 USB Controller Tutorial

10-20-13: Initial release.

Payday 2 (Available on Amazon) for the PC is fun, but I know some gamers want to use their PC or PS2 USB game controller with this game. With the latest Payday 2 updates, this can be done. I’ll give you the quick steps, and then you can watch the video tutorial for more details.

1) Install Payday 2 and update to latest version.

2) Download x360ce (I prefer older copy) and put that x360ce.exe into your Payday 2 folder.

3) Run the x360ce program, follow the prompts. At the end, test your buttons to make sure its working.

4)  Now run Payday 2, and have fun!


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